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2018 Annual Meeting Notice (1/28/18) and Dues Announcement

Members and friends:

2017 was a continued year of growth and accomplishment at Station L, with notable gains within our programs and an impressive showing at a number of regattas.

In 2018, we will build on this momentum with increased coaching for our members, a more efficient schedule, and some targeted investments in our fleet.      

One big change is the absence of the University of Portland from the boathouse, as they’ve moved to their new facility at Vancouver Lake. It’s great to have more room in the boathouse and on the dock, but just like when a roommate moves out, we have to cough up 50% more rent next year.

To cover the rent increase, the Board has voted to raise dues for 2018. (Note: for the past few years dues have only increased at the rate of inflation.)

Prior to the end of the year, you will receive an email inviting you to renew your dues for 2018.  You have the option of paying in lump sum or agreeing to a Dues Contract* of 12 payments in 2018. We are retaining the Dual Program category, for those who access both sweep and sculling programs.   

Regular membership dues will increase 12% next year, with the Student/Senior/Spouse 30% discount remaining in place.  The expected revenue from the dues increase will cover our rent.  We anticipate an increased number of members will cover our additional labor cost. If you have questions or would like to see additional financial details, please attend the annual membership meeting January 28.

2018 dues

Regular (one program)    $895
Stu/Sen/Spouse              $625
Dual Program (Reg)        $1145
Dual Program (SSS)       $875
Weekend One Day         $245
Weekend Two Days       $490
Short term                      $140/month
Social                             $25

12 Month Dues Contract*
Regular                        $75/mo.
Stu/Sen/Spouse          $53/mo.
Regular Dual               $96/mo.
Stu/Sen/Sp Dual         $74/mo.

*Dues contract: regardless of how much you row during 2018, you are obligated to pay for 12 months.

Please join us for our annual membership meeting January 28 from 3-5pm at the NW Quimby location of the Lucky Labrador Brewing Company (NOTE: not the SW Multnomah location).