An announcement & Missing Item

Fascial Stretch Therapy Demo @ Boathouse July 23rd @ 9:30am

Christine Mayo Powers, PharmD BCPS CHT, is going to present a 45 minute demonstration of two Fascial Stretch Therapy techniques (relaxation and energizing).

The session will be free for the club.

July 23 at 9:30am

Her website is

Missing Chair

Over the Regionals weekend Glen’sChair chair was quite popular. People liked to sit in it, put bags on it, and even pour coffee on it. That’s all perfectly fine, but at some point between the hours of 1:00 and 3:00 somebody decided that they liked it SO much that they would simply take it home. Since it was a new chair and didn’t belong to me, I’ll be in trouble with the chair owner if I can’t get it back fairly soon.
Chair description: It’s an REI camp-x chair, sorta brownish.
Contact Glen Baker if you have the chair.  Or return to the boathouse no questions asked.

Updated: 2016/11/22 — 3:06 pm