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Annual Meet, Erg update, T giving weekend schedule


•The annual membership meeting of Station L Rowing Club is set for 3pm on January 29.  Save the date!  Look for more announcements about Board positions and our 2017 plans.

•Erg season is upon us.  Contact your captain if you have questions about schedule or workouts.   We have morning access to Rose City RC ergs in exchange for their access to our machines.   The juniors get first crack at our machines from 4pm to about 6:15pm M-F.    We will publicize any exceptions to these dates.

•If you are in town for Thanksgiving weekend, work off that meal with rowing on Thanksgiving from 7am-9am.   The Saturday open row and Sunday row are other options.

•Thanks to everyone who helped make the awards evening a great event.  The highlight was George and Karen Wespi as the first recipients of the new Wespi Service Award.  Raffle proceeds will purchase two float suits for the coaching staff.   ps. Kris Henning can dance.