Annual Meeting Reminder and Announcements

The Station L annual membership meeting is this Sunday January 25 at 3pm at the Lucky Lab Multnomah Village location in SW Portland.  Expect the regular annual review and elections, plus this year a special fundraising raffle.  Bring cash to buy tickets, $3 each or 5 for $10. Prizes include the following:

•Free Masters Regionals Entry Fees (could be worth more than $100)
•Coxing Dots (priceless)
•Individual coaching sessions (improve your form with video feedback on erg or water)

Membership dues are due by March 1.  However, we always have about $10k in fixed costs that must be paid in January, so early payment of dues enables us to take care of these items with greater ease.  So pay now if you can!

Rose City RC and STL are looking for 1200 sq. feet of warehouse space to do some equipment repairs and oar painting in Feb.  Can be unheated.   Let Peter know if you have any leads.

Weekend rowing weather has been good for the past several weekends.  There has to be an upside to the lack of snow. . . .

The colleges are rowing now on weekday mornings.   For members erging, the first 4-6 people each morning should erg in the 4+’s bay to create more space.

Calendar Items:
Feb. 15 Tough Love Erg race at the U of P.  Entry information,

Feb. 28  Spring Work Party  9am-noon
March 1  Rowers Triathlon at Boathouse
March 2  weekday rowing begins


Updated: 2015/03/14 — 5:14 pm