April Update

A few announcements for the club. . . .
USRowing Waiver:
Members need to sign the online USRowing waiver for 2014.Go to https://rosters.usrowing.org/waiver Use the club code ETSZL

Boathouse security
Be sure to always lock the boathouse.  Don’t think that there’s someone else who will do it.  Club members can always get in, so you aren’t doing anyone a favor by leaving the doors open.

Dexter Regatta
We will load boats for this race at 6am on Friday April 11.  Unloading Sunday afternoon. Be sure to pay before the regatta.  Fees will be announced on Monday April 7.

L2 scull coaching
There will be some L2 sculling classes [4 lessons]  in April and May. Some on TH evenings, others on Sat/Sun at 9:30am.  (precise schedule soon).  These sessions are the best way to learn and develop your sculling skills.  The goal of the class is to get rowers to pass the 4x/2x captain’s test.  Once you pass this, you can scull with the L3 group on F and Sunday, or on your own in a club 2x or 4x once the weather warms up a bit.   Remember that you can always request a sculling boating on Saturday mornings.
Equipment work
We need to get some work done on our boats.   Most every Saturday, Peter will be working for an hour or so after practice.  If you need to get your volunteer hours in, that’s an option.  On April 5, we’ll be preparing the Chambers and the Tammy Faye for shipment to their new home.
Cox Clinic, Launch Driving Clinic
After Dexter, we’ll have a cox clinic for more advanced coxing skills.   Also a launch driving clinic.   It would be great to have a few more members with Oregon Boater Cards and experience driving our launches.  Dates TBA, soon.
Updated: 2014/04/02 — 5:30 pm