Board Election Results

A big thanks to everyone who voted in the board election. The turn out (60 people) was excellent — much better than Iowa’s caucuses are likely to be, and the candidates were all a lot more appealing.
It’s been pretty rare that we have more candidates than board slots, and even rarer to have more than twice as many candidates as board slots. It’s great news for the club when there are so many passionate people who want to devote their free time to it.
That being said, there can be only two winners, and the race was very tight, as you might expect from such a great and qualified set of candidates.

The new board members are:

  • Sydney Ey

  • Donna Howard

We look forward to seeing them both at the next board meeting (at the boat house February 8, 6:30pm — all members are welcome to attend).
See information about the board on the board page.  (requires logging in and being an active member to view).
Darrell Fuhriman
Updated: 2016/02/01 — 9:07 pm