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Club Announcements for October

A few items and important announcements:


Thanks to all the club volunteers, coxes, coaches and USRowing officials for a very smooth 22nd annual Row for the Cure.  It was a beautiful day and several new members saw action in their first ever head race.  Full results at row2k

Sculling.  M and TH sculling is now done for the season.  Brad will continue to coach on Fridays and Sundays.  We are looking at hiring another sculling coach for 2016 to complement the work that Brad and Sam have been doing.  If you’d like input on this, please talk to Peter

Classes–They continue until October 8.  Last chances to help cox! Plan to attend the graduation brunch and race ’round ross island on October 10.

Race Sign-ups–Please sign up for the Fall Classic and Head of the Lake by October 1 so coaches can begin to make lineups.  We will take novice signups through October 10.  Sign up on the GoogleDoc

Head of the Charles send off: Join us at the boathouse, 6:30am on Wednesday October 14 to give our Head of the Charles women’s 8+ best wishes before they depart for the big race.


New Coaching Boat: If you can take your eyes off the SuperMoon in the morning you will see that the coaches have a new launch.  It’s brown–better to blend in and sneak up on you to check for late catches.  The coaches are happy to be out of the Sylvan.  The purchase of it was supported by membership dollars and Learn to Row class tuition.  Not as exciting as a new 2x, but. . . . .

Archive: One of the last living founding members of the club, Andy Rocchia, stopped by the boathouse during Row for the Cure.  Peter talked with him for some time.  Andy has many documents, slides and photos of the club in the early days.  He is going to transfer these to the club.  We could use a couple of members who would enjoy taking a few hours this winter to catalog these items and some of the other stuff we have in storage.  A few well placed framed pictures and documents would look nice on our walls.