Rowing in the Time of COVID-19

We’re doing things a little differently now than we usually do. All members are now participating in a general single sculling pool, as opposed to being grouped by rower experience and competitive goals. Participants will get to try out a variety of singles and get individual coaching from our staff on the water.

Until we are able to reinstitute group boat practices, all members will use the following guidelines:

  • Our boat yard and dock are located at 315 SE Ivon St, Portland, OR 97214
  • Arrive at the time you are scheduled and check in with a coach. Leave when you are done rowing and putting your equipment away — no loitering
  • There is generally plenty of on-street parking in the surrounding neighborhood. It is advised that you do not leave any valuables in your car. There is no space in the boatyard to keep personal items locked away and dry, so only bring what you need
  • Everyone in the boat yard must wear a mask at all times and maintain 6’ of distance between themselves and others. Once you are out on the water, you can remove your mask and put it back on before you dock
  • Members must assist and perform any equipment cleaning tasks as directed by the coaching staff 
  • Members must sign up to row using our sign up sheet. When signing up, please note: 
    • Do not sign up in any spots marked “NA”
    • Only sign up for Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced slots depending on your experience level
    • Each week’s schedule opens for sign up on Thursdays at noon. At this time, each member can sign up for two sessions
    • On Friday at noon members may sign up for a third session
    • After 6pm, members may sign up for any open slots the next day. Note that equipment is still limited, so if you are an advanced rower in a beginner slot, you may get to row in a wherry that day!
    • Signing up is a commitment to row! Signing up takes an opportunity from someone else, so if you will not be able to make it, take your name off the spreadsheet as soon as you can to allow someone else to sign up
  • Sign up to help out! We need boat washers and carrying assistants on each shift to help us launch and land smoothly and efficiently
    • Use the same sign up sheet to volunteer
    • Include your name and phone number on the sign up
    • Similar to signing up to row, if you sign up to volunteer we are counting on you! If something comes up and you cannot make it, ideally find a replacement or if it is very last minute, at least let our coaching staff know
  • Coaches will work with members to improve their sculling technique and communicate about moving up through the levels and into racing shells

River Navigation

Please refer to the following maps as guidelines for how to navigate the river during practice sessions.