Cox Clinic April 30, Regionals Sign up

Two important items for everyone

  1. Cox clinic tomorrow, Sunday, 8am.   This clinic is designed for rowers who end up coxing (all of us!), and for those who want to gain confidence in the cox seat.  As part of the clinic, we will take turns practicing dock landings.    Duration of the clinic depends on the number of participants–but plan on a couple of hours.  Check in with coaches Ralf and Kass when you get to the boathouse.  FREE.
  2. Regionals regatta sign up.  June 23-25.  This is our largest regatta of the year.  It’s local, on Vancouver lake.   USRowing Championship membership is required ($65–just get it before race day).  The entry fees for the regatta itself are also steeper than other races–just FYI.  Our goal is to get every member 2-3 events.  Dual members 4 events.   This might change, as the schedule and format of the regatta have not been published–there may be an increase to the prior year 4 event limit.   Sign up DEADLINE is May 6.  So you’ve got just one week to sign up.  Use our Regatta sign up page.


Updated: 2017/04/29 — 4:57 pm