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Dock Closure Delay–Let’s Row

Heads are spinning.  PGE has delayed our dock closure for 1-3 weeks. Date unknown at this time.

Thus, we will row on Saturday.  Schedule for the next week includes morning rowing.  Hurray!

Sat. 2/27  Open Row (sweep or scull) 7-9am.  Work Party 9am-noon
Sun. 2/28  L3 Sculling, 7-9am.  Rowers Triathlon, 7am, plus a post-sculling flight
Mon. 2/29  Women’s Sweep,  MW and MF groups on water
Tues 3/1  Men’s Sweep
Wed 3/2  Women’s Sweep, MW and WF groups on water
TH 3/3  Men’s Sweep, L4 sculling
F 3/4 Women’s Sweep, MF and WF groups on water, L3 sculling

Monday L4 sculling will begin later in March.  The sculling group will get an update from Peter and Penny.

The planned safety and cox clinics will take place during the dock closure later in March.