Dock Move and Temporary Location Info., Part 1 of 3

We have more information to share about the upcoming (and long awaited/dreaded) temporary dock relocation due to PGE’s remediation of the river bed.    Our dock will be moved next Monday to a location just north of the Ross Island sand and gravel sorting yard near the Ross Island Bridge.  It’s about 900 meters upstream of our current dock, a bit further by foot.    The dock will be in this location through August and a bit into September.

This note explains the process for moving and setting up in our temporary location.  A 2nd note will discuss new site logistics and how member programs will be adjusted during the coming weeks.  A 3rd note will be aimed at participants in our Learn to Row classes, with information specifically for them.  This will include the rescheduling of cancelled classes for next week.  Notes 2 and 3 will be posted on Wed and TH this week.

•No Rowing M-W next week.    The dock will be moved beginning early Monday, so there will be no rowing beginning Monday July 24.   We don’t know what day rowing will resume–TH and F are the most likely possibilities.

•Preparations for the Move.  Station L has three scheduled work party events in the next week to support this temporary move.  Each member is asked to take part in one of the events.  Please sign up on the event sign up page

#1 Sunday July 23, 10am-noon.   Brush clearing and site preparation at the new site.   We need a crew of 20 to clean up and prepare the new site for rack installation.   Sign up on the Event sign up page.  Note the needed tools and dress code.

#2 Tuesday July 25, 5am-7am.  Derigging and packing party at boathouse.  We will de rig each boat that is being moved, and prep other materials.

#3 Wed July 26, 5am-7am.  Trailer loading and transport.  We will load the prepared boats onto the trailer and unload them in the temporary facility (assuming racks are ready). (it is possible that boats being used at row for the cure will remain in the boathouse until Friday, when they will be loaded on the trailer for that regatta)

Again, please sign up for one of these events.  Our boathouse will remain open throughout this period.

Information about parking, rowing practice logistics and all things related to using the new site will be in Note #2.   Note #3 will cover Learn to Row class issues.

All questions about this project should be directed at Program Director Peter Edwards.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Updated: 2017/07/18 — 7:38 pm