Dock Update

As you are all aware, our dock currently is in need of repair. Both the city and the original builder of the dock have been consulted and we are expecting that the main concerns will be addressed shortly, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. This should include structural changes that will address the complex slope of the dock, work on some support beams that are deteriorating, and possibly some work on the surface of the low freeboard section.  This may require a short-term closure of the dock (possibly a day or two), we will keep you updated as we learn more.

In the mean time, be aware that the coaching staff are constantly evaluating the situation and may at their discretion implement extra measures to ensure that we are transporting boats to and from the dock in a safe manner. Please respect the decisions of the coaching staff and follow their instructions so that we can 12106728_10205969726134904_5529952543237524907_ncontinue our excellent safety record.
One of the reasons that we are able to work effectively with the city to accomplish these repairs is that we are viewed as responsible users of and ambassadors for the waterfront access. As we move into the warmer weather and the dock sees more use by non-boating Portlanders it is inevitable that we will experience some challenges while moving our shells to and from the water. It is important that we all remain courteous and respectful as we deal with these issues in order to maintain our reputation.
Thanks for your support, and welcome to spring/summer rowing!
Updated: 2016/04/18 — 9:15 pm