Early Summer Update

This is a summary of some of the important and exciting things happening at the club.

1. National Learn to Row Day, Saturday June 6.  10am-noon.  This is a FREE Introduction to Rowing class.  A great way to introduce your friends to the sport.  And of course, we could use a few volunteers.  Let Barb know if you can help out.

2. Regatta Sign Up.   The summer races are coming up fast.  The Cascadia Masters Regatta July 18-19 in Burnaby BC.  This is a great regatta–and contrary to popular belief, there’s plenty of racing for sweep rowers too.  Please sign up for this race by June 1 if you’d like to go. We generally stay at the same hotel, and that info will go out to those on the sign-up list soon. If you have questions, ask your coach.14516834407_a0da6e924a_z

The next deadline will be June 30 for the Green Lake race in Seattle on August 1st. The Green Lake race is particularly good for newer rowers, novices and anyone who wants to try something new.

3. Work Parties–Our Summer Work Party is June 20 from 9-11am.  In anticipation of this, we are going to start oar painting on Saturday June 6 and Saturday June 13, both days at 9am.  Plenty of dates to choose from.

4. L2 Sculling Class for Members.  Currently we are running one sculling class–Barb, Miel, Gray, Teresa and Peter D. are doing well.   Before we set an arbitrary time for the next class, we need to hear from any member who is interested in a L2 sculling class so the schedule can be set to best fit the demand.  Contact Peter.

5. 7am weekday rowing–Please let Peter know if you would be interested in a 7am-9am rowing session this summer on Friday mornings.  This would be a coached “open row” where members could scull or sweep depending on their interest.

6. Picnic Row–this summer tradition takes place on2013PicnicRowers a Sunday in July.  We need a couple of members to step up and organize!   We row to Lake Oswego and back, with a picnic stop at a park in Lake O.

7. Masters Handicap Information–Some Green Lake folks are collecting data to try and come up with an improvement to the USRowing Masters Handicap system. Help them out at this link.


Updated: 2015/05/31 — 12:49 pm