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Fall roundup

What a party!   If you couldn’t attend the 2017 Buoy Ball, you missed a great event.   Congratulations to all the award winners, including Penny Luong, who was awarded the Wespi Service Award.

Best wishes to (now former) Head Womens’ Sweep Coach Reba Knickerbocker, who is off to her new position on the east coast.

Here’s a grab bag of announcements–

  1. Thanksgiving morning row, 7am.  Be there!    (and pencil in the New Years Row, 7am)
  2. All Saturday/Sunday rowing begins at 7am, weather permitting.
  3. Please pay all outstanding fees from regattas, events, etc.  We need our fiscal house in order before the end of the month.  Even the cancelled Head of the Lake requires a fee  🙁
  4. Erg schedule-    MWF 5:30-7am, RCRC bay, STL women have priority.   T/TH am STL Bay, STL men have priority.  PSU ergs on MWF mornings in STL bay.  There is often room for people to erg on non-priority days, but you need to defer to the scheduled group.
  5. Afternoon ergs–RCRC uses our ergs M-F from 4:15-6:15pm.  They will leave ONE or TWO ergs for STL use, but those are first come, first served.   And you have to be near stinky teen-agers.
  6. Get ready for the 2017 Concept2 Holiday Challenge, November 24-December 24.  For the past three years, we’ve recorded more meters in this event than any other rowing club on Earth. (yes, that’s correct).   Set a goal, whether it be 100k, 200k, or crazy Arthur-Sarah-Scott (there have been others) 300k.  And log those meters on the C2 site!   More information coming soon.
  7. Annual membership meeting–guaranteed to be less fun than the Buoy Ball.   Sunday January 28, 3pm.  Location TBA
  8. 2018 Calendar is up on the Regatta sign up page.  Not all dates are determined, but take this opportunity to reserve those race weekends on the family calendar.