27 & Under / 65+ Membership

Become a member and row with our Men’s sweep, Women’s sweep or Sculling programs.

We row every morning depending upon the program.

There are 4 options available for membership.

  • Single Program Member
    • Join either the Sweep or Sculling program – 3 days/week coached rowing
  • Dual Program Member
    • Join both the Sweep and Sculling programs – 5 or 6 days/week coached rowing
  • One time payment
    • Pay entire membership at one time
  • Monthly payments
    • Split the yearly cost over 12 months (or remaining months for new members starting late in the year)
    • NOTE: If you sign up as a subscription member you are committed to paying full dues for the full year regardless of injury, travel, relocation, scheduling conflicts, shifts in personal life/priorities, falling out of love with rowing, existential crisis, etc.
    • NOTE: Active members are expected to start paying in January if they choose this option. Active rowers who are delinquent on dues are required to pay the difference (including backpay for time rowed).
    • NOTE: If you are not sure you want to commit for the entire year we have a Short-Term Membership option available.