Final Pre-Season Update

Hello Members:

There’s plenty going on behind the scenes as we get ready for the start of the spring season.

•I’m happy to announce that Leslie Walker will serve as interim head women’s sweep coach.  We are in the midst of another head coach search, and we’re happy that Leslie has agreed to work in this capacity in the meantime.  The previously announced women’s sweep schedule will stay in place for the first few weeks of March.  Any other staff changes will be announced as soon as they are complete.

River Conditions.  The coaches will only cancel practice the night before if we think that there is LESS than a 50/50 chance of rowing.  Otherwise, the coaches will check water conditions in the mornings.  They are trained to be conservative in their judgement.  Don’t pressure them, please.

Safety.  All rowing in March must be as part of an organized, coached practice, due to river temperature.

Schedule (Sweep) after March 1.   Men Sweep TTH, plus Sat. 6:45am   Women Sweep MWF, plus Sat. 7am

Schedule (Sculling) after March 1.  L3 Scull T, F, Sun.  L4 Scull M, TH, Sun.

Open Rows.  Saturday and Sunday at 7am.  Sweep or Scull.  Just talk to a coach when you get there.  Extra coaches will be on duty.

Pay dues and sign waiver, ASAP.

Covered Bridge Regatta (April 22-23) sign up, now open.  Closes March 10.

Club Work Party, March 4, 9am-noon.  Attendees to planned women’s sweep meeting can work after their meeting.

Updated: 2017/02/22 — 8:32 am