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Final weekend update + schedule and results link

First, a few words about the weather this weekend and the regional regatta. . . .

Two years ago we raced in similar conditions, with no major heat related illnesses.  Athletes are urged to take proper care of themselves with regard to hydration, sun protection and nourishment.

The coaching staff will be on the lookout for any athlete suffering from heat related issues.  Please heed their advice.

Entry Fee Payments–it looks like there are a few issues right now with online payments.  Those who round their fee to the nearest whole dollar are getting through OK.  Others are getting stuck.  We are working on it.

Parking–the race organizers had to abandon their try at a parking permit system.  Anyone who paid Station L the $9 will get a refund.

Other Logistics:

Coaches are reminding their crews about meeting times, but a few tips for general purposes:

•Plan to get to the park two hours before your first race of the day.  Boat rigging may be required.  Meet at your boat one hour before race time.  Heat sheets and schedule are linked here

•Account for crappy traffic from Portland, and a line to get into the park.

•Bring $3 for parking each day.

•Our team tent is on the waterfront, nearest the finish line (yay!)  Food goes there.  Our boats are only 100 metes away, in the tree line.

Station L’s Regatta Values: Our club has a reputation for helping each other on race days.  It’s not too complicated–and if you are new to regattas with us, you’ll pick it up quickly.  From oar lackeys to boat holders, we often need help from rowers who are not on the water to make the magic happen.

Coaches and coxes will ask you directly to help out, and please do so.  There are exceptions–sometimes certain athletes with multiple races are told by coaches to hide in the shade and rest.  But everyone else will get the pleasure of helping fellow members with their racing.

Other club schedule issues:

•there’s a 7am row Friday and Saturday for those not racing.

•No Sunday rowing or Monday sculling.