Good Luck in San Diego

Wish our Men’s team luck at the San Diego Crew Classic this weekend.

Row well, Devon, Brian, Andrew, Gary, Dane, Glen, Arthur and George.

They are entered in 2 races.  Results will be posted here.

RACE 30 Sat @ 11:32 AM – Men’s Masters Club Heat A – 

FINALS  1-4 to Grand (Sun @ 8am), 5-8 to Petite (Sun @ 11:16am)

  1. Marin A (J. Younger)
  2. Willamette RC A (B. Byrd)
  3. Los Angeles F (A. White)Mens8-2
  4. San Diego RC A (D. Ward)
  5. Station L A (D. Lumbard)
  6. Boulder A (J. Withycombe)
  7. Ashland A (E. Glatte)

RACE 115 Sun @ 2:16 PM – Men’s Masters C – Final Only

  1.  SD Canoe and Kayak A (C. Swan)
  2. Potomac A (T. Spell)
  3. San Diego RC A (M. Phillips)
  4. Station L A (D. Lumbard)
  5. North Dakota A (A. Kusurin)
  6. California A
  7. Casitas Rowing A (P. Lepiane)
  8. Sammamish Rowing Association A (A. Lynch)

Weather in San Diego this weekend looks good.

[BetterWeather location=”32.7775,-117.2525″ location_name=”San Diego” show_location=”on” unit=”F” /]

Updated: 2015/04/06 — 10:47 am