Happy Rowing Birthday

New Year’s Day Row

Join us on January 1st @ 7:00am for our annual New Years Day row.

This is an open row and will include both sweep and sculling.

Since we all get 1 year older according to US Rowing, it is also a time to celebrate those extra handicap seconds.

Renewal Time

Be aware today you may receive an email saying your membership has ended.  This is true, all memberships end on 12/31/2019. Please wait until 1/1/2020 to purchase your new membership.

  • Renewal deadline for all members is January 31.
    • Please renew by that date to avoid a lapse in your membership.
  • Full year payments can be made at any time after January 1 on the website or via check.
    • Checks save us 2.5% in processing fees!
    • Mail checks to
      • PO Box 14171, Portland, OR 97293
    • OR drop in treasurer box in the office at the clubhouse
  • 12 Month Dues Contract members
  • Don’t plan on renewing
  1. Regular Membership
    • One Program Membership  $1026/year
      • $86/month if paid over a 12 month contract
    • Dual Program Membership $1387/year
      • $116/Month if paid over a 12 month contract
  2. 27- and 65+ Membership
    • 27- and 65+ Regular $770
      • $65/month if paid over a 12 month contract
    • 27- and 65+ Dual $1040
      • $87/month if paid over a 12 month contract
  3. Weekend Membership
    1. One day weekend $350/year
    2. Two day weekend $700/year
  4. Month to month membership
    1. Dual Program $175/month and includes access to both sweep and sculling.
    • Consider this if you are not going to be in town all year.

Updated: 2019/12/29 — 6:47 pm