Important Public Meeting, plus picnic row details

The City is holding several meetings about their “River Plan”.  On Tuesday Sept. 25 from 6-8pm, there is a session for river users like us.  We urge club members to attend and give feedback about the needs of the rowing and human powered watercraft community.   Link with more details.

•The Station L Board is working with the Portland Boathouse Board on relocation issues.  We’ll have an update to share with members in a couple of weeks.

“What is the picnic row?”   It’s Saturday September 22.  We will meet at 7am in the 4th bay of the boathouse.   Once organized, we row to Lake Oswego at a variable pace. (could take 1.5+ hours).  We will take the boats out of the water at George Rogers Park for a break, some food and perhaps a silly land based game. (A vehicle will meet us with slings/food).  The row back will be at full pressure (JK).  Expect to arrive back at the boathouse around noon.   Anyone with greater ambitions can row farther upstream and shorten their break.

The picnic row sign up is open through Monday evening.   The event is free for members. Tara will send a note to participants with additional information, including a potluck food sign up.

Updated: 2018/09/16 — 10:47 am