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Important Rowing Schedule UPDATE

Thanks to everyone who pitched in over the past 4 days.

This afternoon, PGE announced a “delay” of uncertain length in the dock relocation project.  Probably a couple of days.

Thus, we CAN row from the boathouse on Thursday and Friday this week.  At this point, we think it’s better to try and row for the next two days, because now the dock move will likely disrupt rowing NEXT week for a couple of days.  (and yes, we know that we could have been rowing for the past two days. . . . . )

Here is the plan–

Thursday–tomorrow–5am.  Those who normally row on Thursdays (men’s sweep, L4 scullers) are welcome to attend.  We have most of our 4+’s, 3 8+’s, a couple of quads and a couple of 2x’s.   Not enough sculling seats for all, but there will be enough sweep seats to accommodate any scullers who just want to get out on the water.

Friday 5am–the women’s sweep team will practice.  We have 3 8+’s, 4 4+’s available.  Plus a few sculling boats for overflow.  Note that this is only about 50 seats total.  Women’s sweep team will de rig as much as possible after practice.

Row for the Cure Boat loading–Friday, 6PM.  Should not take long if boats are mostly de rigged.

Saturday rowing–likely cancelled, since we won’t have boats or a dock in the same location.

We don’t want to think yet about moving boats BACK to the boathouse, and we will wait for the next update from PGE before doing anything else.

Grin and bear it.