June Update

It’s 2x a month newsletter time–means that we are busy!  BTW, there’s a new code for the restrooms.  Posted on the dry erase board by the clock.

Welcome to our recent new members–there are several rowers from our first L2 class who joined the club last month.  And we are making fast friends with the new members from PWR who have been rowing with us since early May and are now Station L members.

General Calendar type announcements

1. Oar painting work party, Saturday June 13, 9-11am

2. Summer boathouse/boat work party, Saturday June 20, 9-11am

3. Regatta sign-ups.  The current push is for the Green Lake Summer Extravaganza, August 1.  Sign up by June 30.

4. Friday morning 7am rowing.  NEW!  Starting June 19, we will have an Open Row on Fridays at 7am.   You can scull, sweep or just do what the coach suggests.  It’s a good time to get some sculling instruction or ask a coach to fix a nagging technical problem.  Meet at 7–done by 9.  Note–you will need to park cars on the street for this practice–our parking lot is off limits beginning at 7:30am

Class Volunteers–our next session of classes is all mornings.  It can be hard to get volunteers for sessions that conflict with members’ rowing.  However, if everyone gave up just ONE rowing morning this summer to volunteer, we would have more than enough.    Look for the next session volunteer sign up email, coming soon.

USRowing Information

A reminder that all Regionals participants need to be individual members of USRowing.   Some of you have let this lapse–you can renew or join at the regatta, so be sure to bring your wallet!

USRowing Waiver.

Many members still need to complete their annual USRowing waiver.  Please go to the waiver portal and use the club code ETSZL


We had a close call with scullers and a barge on Sunday.   A reminder that you always need to look where you are going.   And that the barge is never wrong.  We will be adding a 2nd coach on Sundays to help manage the crowd.

Regionals Volunteering

While our focus this month is racing, the regional championship regatta also needs volunteers.   Junior and college teams will provide many volunteers, but there’s also room for Station L members, families and friends to take a shift or two.  Remember that we get $$ for every hour of volunteerism.  Sign up now.

Updated: 2015/06/08 — 9:42 pm