Member Update April 29

A few announcements and reminders–

•Monday April 30 is the deadline to sign up for the NW Masters Regional Championships.  Sign up at link.

•Other regattas have May 15 deadlines, be sure to check.   There’s also a sign up for our sculling picnic on June 3.   Rowers who are attending Nationals, please confirm your sign up at the link

•Members may row without a launch escort until further notice.  The river temperature has moved up from 47 to 57F. in the past 10 days.   Rowers must have passed the appropriate Captains Test for sculling, or have an experienced coxswain. Single scullers should row with a buddy.  All operating rules must be followed (including rowing during daylight hours only).  If you have questions, ask your captain or coach.


Updated: 2018/04/29 — 6:12 pm