NW Regionals Update

Friday race report

Mixed C 4x, 3rd
Mixed A/B 4x, 2nd
Boats Staging Area at Regionals

Boats ready to be raced

Men’s D 4x, 3rd

Moving from heats to finals were the above boats, plus:

Mens C 2x (Darrell and Mark won their heat)
Womens D 4+
Mixed A/B 8+, 4th overall in a real barnburner of a race, with Lake Union (2) and Pocock ahead.

Look we caught a fish

First ever races for some of our novices in the men’s and
women’s 4+. Congratulations!

Saturday race report

18 races entered, 13 with heats, advanced to finals in 9 of these, 27 races overall


1st Arthur/George E+ pair
2nd Dorothy F 1x
Finishing 4th by 1 sec

Finishing 4th by 1 sec

2nd Penny/Evan B 2x
2nd Dorothy/Kris Henning E 2x
3rd Penny/Becky B 2x
3rd Mark/Jared B 2x

Special Mentions

Peter looking up times for race.

Peter looking up times for race.

Women’s A 8+ and Women’s D 8+ both made their finals in a very competitive field.
Mark P for getting a medal in his first regatta (so not fair)
George and Arthur for winning the E+ pair by 0.5 seconds. Even though they were clear of the field by a time zone, they had to beat some boats by over 20 seconds to win. They did so, just barely.

Sunday race report

12 events, 6 with heats, 3 boats advancing to 9 finals


1st—Women’s B 4x, Penny, Becky, Kass, Kris. They won by 17 seconds–a horizon, really.
2nd–Men’s C 8+. Just missed a 3-peat in this event.

1st by A LOT

Pushing away from Lake Union, ready to scare Sammamish

Pushing away from Lake Union, ready to scare Sammamish

2nd Mixed D 4+. Brian and Dana with Kristy and Karla of ORU
3rd–Men’s B/C 4x, Arthur, Evan, Scott, George
3rd–Women’s A 4+, Sara, Amanda, Amy, Katie, Molly
3rd–Mixed C 2x. Dorothy and Jared

Special Mention

Novice Women’s 8+ finished 2nd in their heat, advancing to finals and just missing 4th place overall. First regatta for most of the rowers–here’s to many more!
Updated: 2015/06/30 — 8:55 am