Portland Boathouse Future


This is an important email on a timely issue.    (I’ve included much borrowed material  below from Nick of Rose City RC).

As you may know, the Portland Boathouse is in the process of finding a new home. One of the sites we are investigating is on the OMSI campus, right on the river at the top of our current dock ramp. It would be a wonderful location. The City of Portland is considering developing a park just to the north of where our new building would be- more or less in the gravel lot overlooking our dock. The park would be called the Crescent Park and the City is considering a couple of different proposals for how the park would be configured.

That’s where we come in. On Wednesday, June 7 (this Wednesday!) the City Council and the Mayor will hold a session to review and discuss the proposed park plans. The meeting will be at City Hall at 2pm. We’d like to have as many Portland Boathouse folks in attendance to show support and possibly even testify on behalf of the Boathouse and our rowing/paddling community. We’d like the city officials hear – loud and clear – how critical it is that there be a launch point at that location on the river for light watercraft!

We are inviting everyone who can make the time to attend. We will have Portland Boathouse tee shirts and stickers to give out so it is very clear which group our supporters represent. People who wish to testify are encouraged to do so- but get there early, because there will be a lot of interest groups vying for some time to speak. We have been told the sign-up sheet for testimony will be put out at 1pm. We’d just like folks to express why they think the Portland Boathouse and Station L are valuable organizations. People can speak about personal experiences or observations. Anything that conveys that our institution is something worth investing in.

As you can imagine, creating a new river center for boaters right in the heart of the City is a big undertaking. We’re going to have to convince a lot of people that we are a valuable service for the city. This is a great opportunity to go before our city’s leaders and educate them on what we do and why we matter. I sincerely hope we can pack the room and make our voice heard on Wednesday.


Updated: 2017/06/05 — 11:03 am