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Regionals Entry fees, schedule and volunteer info

Regionals entry fees are posted at this link.

Please pay BEFORE the regatta on our website.  Customize your fee, rounding to the nearest dollar.

The regionals schedule is not yet available as of Monday morning. We will send the schedule out as soon as we have it.  All of our entries have morning heats each day, with the exception of :

•Men’s C8+, Mens E 8+’s, M Light 2x, Men 2-, Men B/C 4x, M Light 1x

•Women’s G 4x, W D light 4x, W F light 2x, W Novice 8+, W F 2x, W F 8+

•Events # 1-39 are Friday,  #40-101 Saturday, #102- are Sunday.

•Event list here

•For those who wish to volunteer, here’s the link