Regionals Entry Fees

Entry Fees are available on this spreadsheet.   Totals are at the far right side. Included are the per person fees for each boat you are in, plus a $40 base club fee, plus a $7 venue volunteer fee.  (We warned you that regionals is expensive). But remember, no hotel costs!  And think of all the valuable medals you’ll win!

Those who are only entered in one event should just pay a $20 base fee (you’ll need to make the adjustment.)

If your event was scratched due to your decision (and that of boatmates) you still need to pay the entry fee.  If it was scratched due to coaches decision or other factors, you can subtract that amount from your total.  Talk to Peter if you have questions.

Please pay fees online prior to racing, pay at this link

See you at loading later today–or unloading.   And stock up on sunscreen.


Updated: 2017/06/21 — 10:37 am