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Schedule Changes, various reminders

Grab bag of information today–

  1. Work Party this Saturday, 9am-11am.  Focused on boat work.
  2. Our 2nd group of Level 2 class grads is wrapping up their session this week. We’d love to have a few members row with them at 9am Saturday (you can get volunteer hours for exercise–instead of work party work–not bad!)
  3. Swing Shift Rowing–we are committed to maintaining this program all year.  It’s a great opportunity to get some sculling experience, or to work on some specific technique issues.  Meet at 6:45am, launching by 7am.
  4. Schedule Changes–Due to regionals, no coached rowing Sunday June 24.  (Note: there is Saturday rowing).    Wednesday July 4, all scheduled rows will be converted to a special 7am Open Row.  Street parking, though.
  5. Regatta/Event Sign up–Green Lake Regatta, Row for the Cure and the Pride Row all have open sign ups on our sign up page