Sculling Updates – Station L

Hello scullers, both members and non-members.  Here is a quick update and reminder of the sculling program at Station L.  If you are not currently up to date on your membership, please join up.

LEVEL 4 Sculling

  • Starting Monday, May 12th Level 4 sculling will be starting with Sam Taylor as the coach
    • If you don’t know if you meet the requirements for Level 4 please talk to Peter or Brad.
    • Generally the Level 4 rowers have passed the 1x captain’s test, plan to race competitively, and looking for those little improvements to be more competitive.
  • Level 4 sculling meets at 5am on M/W until the Head of the Dog race.

LEVEL 3 Sculling

  • Level 3 sculling continues to meet on Friday @ 5am and Sunday at 7am.
    • If you don’t know if you meet the requirements for Level 3 please talk to Peter or Brad.
    • They can coordinate taking the 2x or 1x captain’s tests.  The goal is to have tests once a month.

Level 2 Sculling

  • There has been 1 Level 2 sculling class so far with a few folks passing the 2x captain’s test.
  • Keep an eye open for any future sculling classes.

Sculling Regattas

  • There are many regattas throughout the year some, here is the run-down for sculling regattas that Station L will be participating in.  Sign-up sheets for Regionals will be coming out shortly.
  • NW Masters Regionals – June 20th – 22nd
    • 3 day regatta, up to 4 events can be entered
    • Vancouver Lake hosts the race this year
    • Station L rows both sweep and sculling boats
  • Cascadian Masters Championships – July 18th – 20th
    • 3 day regatta, this year includes the Canadian Nationals
    • Burnaby Lake in Vancouver, BC
    • Station L rows both sweep and sculling, but looks at this as our primary sculling sprint race of the year.
  • Portland Ross Island Race – August 2nd
    • New regatta this year, race around Ross Island
    • Based out of Oaks Park
    • Race includes 1x & 2x, starts and ends at Oaks Park.  The race goes around Ross Island.
  • Other Head Races in the fall
    • Row for the Cure
    • Portland Fall Classic
    • Head of the Dog


Updated: 2014/07/23 — 1:10 pm