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Ski Outing update, how to renew/join info

Hello everyone:

Just a couple of quick items.

  1.  XC ski outing for this Sunday is on at Teacup Lake.  It will be a busy day at Teacup, as they are having an open house, featuring free lessons at 11am (not a bad deal if you are interested).  But given our 7:30am meeting time at the boathouse, we should be there by about 9-9:15 and out on the trails before most crowds arrive.  The weather forecast is good, at the moment.  For those who don’t want to deal with a busy trail system this Sunday, several of us are also going on Jan. 22, so you could choose to go in two weeks instead.  Or do both!   Sign up on the club calendar/race sign up page
  2. Membership Dues–see the note posted to our website and emailed out last week for all the details.  The most important item is that those people on the monthly payment system for their annual dues need to delete their current membership and join again to account for the 2.5% dues increase (or if they are adding the dual program fee).   This is because we can’t unilaterally increase your payment from our end–reassuring, we hope.  If you leave it alone you’ll keep paying each month, but we will have to follow up with each person to take care of the missing $$.
  3. We were able to row on December 31 and January 1.  Hope to see you soon.