Station L and Covid-19

The Board discussed our club’s response to the current situation at their Monday meeting, and we have a few announcements for all: 
1. Members and class participants are asked to stay home when ill.  
2. Station L programs that have attendance requirements will hold harmless those members who stay home when sick.  If you are concerned about falling short of an attendance requirement, email your captains/coordinators IF YOU STAY HOME DUE TO ILLNESS and these absences will not count against you. Don’t pepper your captains with emails every time you miss practice for other reasons! 
3. Rowers are asked to be aware of their proximity to others, knowing that authorities have recommended one meter of social distance. 
4. We have not heard from regatta organizers about any changes in regattas.  We will pass along any information we receive. 
5. Please clean erg handles and monitors after use
6. The club stands ready to take additional measures as appropriate. 
Thank you.

Updated: 03/11/2020 — 10:31 am
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