Station L “JL” competition gear

Hello Station L:  (From Brandy Halprin)

There is a lot of info here, please read it thoroughly.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I’m happy to help, but save us both time by reading everything here first.
It’s time again for our spring clothing/gear order from JL.  Like last year, the store will be open from now through Covered Bridge and the following week – until April 22nd.  This will allow those racing at Covered Bridge the chance to stop by the JL tent to take a look at different items and chat with the rep about fit.

Here are the basics about the online teamstore:

* Access the online store via the following link:  From here you can choose your items to place your individual order and pay online.

* All items will arrive in early JUNE – in time for Regionals – and will be shipped in bulk to me.  I will distribute at the boathouse once everything arrives.

* You can order custom team gear at anytime from JL, but this is your chance to get quantity pricing and access to the simplified online teamstore process.

* CUSTOM ORDERED ITEMS CANNOT BE RETURNED!!!  If you are unsure about sizing: borrow items from a teammate to try on, stop by the JL tent at Covered Bridge, or ask me for help.  PLEASE NOTE that JL sizes are not consistent with other clothing sizes and are not always consistent across different JL items – don’t just guess your size!!!

Some notes about team uniforms:

* Most regattas are not strict about team uniform.  For Covered Bridge it is adequate to wear black bottoms and a Royal Blue top – it doesn’t have to say Station L.  The tee shirts we ordered over the winter will work fine.

* If you plan to race at Regionals or Nationals this year, you will need to have a uniform that generally matches your boatmates.  Consider purchasing a JL tank or unisuit if you do not already own one.  Many of the guys race in the “L” typographic tech shirts, so guys can opt for this instead.  This is also a good choice for novices.

* If you missed out on the winter order of tee shirts and would like to order one of those (with the “L” typographic on the back), let me know.  I can coordinate with Anne to place another order from Oregon Screen Impressions.  This is a good option if your budget is limited and/or if you are new to rowing and unsure whether you are ready to invest in expensive JL gear.


Brandy Halprin
Updated: 2018/04/11 — 8:43 pm