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Thanksgiving Week info

Just a reminder about our Turkey Week schedule at Station L–

•Thanksgiving Day row, 7am.  Note that the parking lot is not available to Station L on weekdays, including Thanksgiving.

•Saturday and Sunday rowing continues, 7am

•Significant rain is expected this week–if the river rises and debris flow increases, rowing could be cancelled.   This is difficult to predict the day before, so any cancellations won’t be announced ahead of time.

•The Concept2 Holiday challenge begins Thanksgiving Day.  Groups are meeting both Thursday and Friday to kick it off with a 1/2 marathon.  Be sure you have an online logbook at the Concept2 site, and “affiliate” yourself with Station L.

•Last call for reimbursements from the club treasury for 2017.  If you have expenses (launch gas, etc.), please forward your receipts to Donna ASAP.  If you have questions, please let Peter or Donna know.