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The Moving Back!

Station L will move our boats back to the boathouse this week.  Please read carefully to see how you can help.  We need every available member to help if at all possible.   The task is complicated by the fact that we don’t want to work in the dark at the temporary location.

Tuesday 5am–Regular Rowing session, temporary location

Tuesday 6:30am-7:30am.  De rigging at temporary location.

Tuesday 5-7pm–Load trailer at temporary location, make 2 trips to boathouse, unload (this session has the biggest need)

Wednesday 5am  Rigging and organization party at the boathouse.

Our dock will be moved back either late Tuesday or on Wednesday.  We don’t know for sure yet.

If the dock is moved on Tuesday, we could try to rig some boats Tuesday evening so that Wednesday morning rowing can happen.  Then the remaining re-rigging can happen at 6:30am Wednesday, after rowing.

Please contact Peter with any questions.