Volunteer Announcement

Dear Rowers,

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It’s 2014 and another rowing season has begun – which of course means another volunteer year has also started.

As you all remember the club requests that you contribute 10 hours of volunteer time per year. This enables us to successfully operate our Learn To Row classes which make up a large part of our income/budget as well other tasks that keep the club functioning.

Thanks to all who responded to the volunteer survey. The biggest thing we heard is that you would like to have access to a spreadsheet where you could enter your own hours for volunteer time as well as keep track of the hours accounted for via sign-up genius. We are working on it and hope to have it up and running soon.

Here are the links for current volunteer opportunities via sign-up genius:

Boathouse Cleaning

Gas Duty

Learn to Row Level 1 M/W

Learn to Row Level 1 Tu/Th

PS Our towels are getting pretty greasy and ratty…If you have any towels/rags around the house that you’d be willing to donate, we’d appreciate it.

Contact Volunteer Coordinator (Barb)

Updated: 2014/03/05 — 9:51 am