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Weekend Update

Busy times as racing season is here.

Dexter Boat Loading, Friday morning at 5:15am.  All racers.

Pay Dexter race fees, please, at this link

Open Row Saturday will happen as scheduled, at 7am.  No Sunday coached row this weekend.

•We have a new Open Row, Monday evenings at 5:30pm  Kass is coaching!  Sweep or scull, depending on your preference and how many we have.

Coachless Rowing–with the river above 50 degrees, rowing without a launch is allowed, during daylight hours only.   Sweep boats need an experienced member (2+ years rower/cox).  Scullers must have passed the L3 2x/4x captains test or the L4 1x captains test.  At this point, 1x scullers still need to row with a buddy.  That rule will be lifted once the river gets closer to 60 degrees.

Cox Clinic–For rowers who want hands on experience in docking an 8+ and learning the nuances of steering and safety.  Sunday April 30.  8am.  We will take turns practicing landings and steering on the river.  FREE.