Women’s March Announcement

NOTE:  This is a repeated message from Emily, but is another test of sending announcements via the website.  Ask others if they received this message.  If not, they either need to become a paying member, or change their profile to accept emails from the stationlrowingclub.com
This week starts the beginning of our new season ahead.  I’m happy to welcome Leslie Walker as our new Level 3 rowing coach.  While this is a new role for Leslie, she is a continuing and wonderful member of our coaching staff, and I am looking very forward to work alongside her this season.
The email below, in my typical fashion, is lengthy.  I encourage everyone to read it through, but know that many of the specifics are directed at the Level 4 ladies.  I imagine that Leslie will be communicating her particulars in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned for that.
Many of you have been inquiring about the Level 3/Level 4 assignments for this season.  It is our intention that you start this season with the same designation with which you ended last season.  This should be the level with which you were rowing prior to the combining of the squads toward the end of fall season.  I know there were a few of you who moved to Level 4 prior to that combining, and you should plan to continue with Level 4.  If you have any questions or this is somehow unclear, please feel free to contact me.
My contact information is the same.  emily.brewood@yahoo.com or cell: 206-459-4070.  Please remember to let me know who you are if you haven’t text before in case I don’t have your info in my phone.
Leslie’s contact info is:  walkertexasleslie@gmail.com  Her cell is: 209-613-5827
Shana Ferguson is the Level 4 Captain.  Her email is:  Shana.Ferguson@vansd.org
Donna Howard is the Level 3 Captain.  Her email is:  donnashoward@comcast.net
You may always contact me, but I encourage you to reach out to your respective coach or captain when able.
Practice times this year remain 5:00-6:45.
Level 3 will practice on Monday and Wednesday.
Level 4 will practice on Tuesday and Thursday.
Open rows are on Saturdays -and- Sundays from 7:00-9:00 a.m.
Level 4 ladies — It is a goal of mine to have us getting on the water faster so that we can maximize our on-water practice time.  In order to do this, we need to make sure that we’re arriving on time, getting oars down right away, and starting our abs/push-ups promptly.  Shana will take the lead to get this going on the first day/week/etc., and we’ll go forward from there.  I would like you to all make the effort to adopt a “5-til” mentality, but more than anything I just want everyone to be on time.  I will be aiming to arrive by 4:55 so that we can be as efficient as possible in the morning.  Of course things happen, so just make sure you communicate.
We all know how challenging it can be to cox, particularly if you’re still new to rowing.  So, in an effort to give Level 3 rowers the benefit of an experienced cox, and to promote team-wide camaraderie, we are asking that all Level 4 members sign up to attend one Level 3 practice to cox.
As an added bonus, you will earn volunteer hours as well.  Please sign up via the link below.  Availability is on a first-come basis.  Ideally I would love for you to be able to cox for Level 3 and attend both Level 4 practices in that one week you volunteer; however, I realize that’s asking a lot.  So, it’s okay by me if the week you are coxing for Level 3 that you miss a Level 4 practice if need be.
A couple of things to note:
-You are committing to the day for which you sign up.  If you need to find a replacement it is your responsibility to do so (and you’ll then need to re-sign up.)
-As long as you sign up, and show up, you get “credit” for that day, regardless if Level 3 ends up on the water or not.
-Bring rowing gear, if you’d like.  First and foremost you are there to cox.  But, if by some miracle we end up with a surplus of coxswains and your body makes numbers work out perfectly and you’re willing, you can row that day instead.  BUT, in no way should a Level 4 rower be taking a seat away from a Level 3 rower.
As requested, we have adopted a benchmark program for the move from Level 3 to Level 4.  You are of course welcome to remain in Level 3 as long as you’d like.  This is for those who care to make a move.
-There are 3 times available to move from Level 3 to Level 4:  June 1, September 1, March 1
-The 6 benchmarks are as follows:
  1. Body sequencing on drive
  2. Body sequencing on recovery
    1. For both 1 and 2, the idea is that the segments are in the correct order and that you are connecting each of the parts correctly.
  3. Maintaining ratio at low rates
  4. Maintaining ratio at high rates
  5. Matching/Timing (ensuring that you are matching the person in front of you…generally speaking that you don’t overly disrupt the boat, whatever boat you are in).
  6. Perform a 6k erg test for time.  (Times will be age adjusted.  Suggested benchmark times are TBD.)
Leslie, Peter, and myself will be sharing a spreadsheet detailing this progress.  This will not be a public document outside of us 3 coaches.  It is each rower’s responsibility to talk with their coach and find out how they are progressing.  Obviously with this being a new system we will continue to iron out the process, so I encourage you to talk with any of us should there be confusion, questions, etc.
Membership fees were due March 1.  Please submit your payment or arrange your payment plan ASAP.  Dues need to be submitted prior to eligibility for practice.
  • Safety Day
    • We will be having an all-club safety review during a practice session.  The date is TBD, but will cover safety and coxing.  All members are required to attend.  We will host one on an L3 day, an L4 day, and a Saturday, so there will be plenty of opportunity should you miss a session.
  • We will be having an all-women’s team meeting/social sometime in March or early April.
    • Exact date TBD.  Stay tuned.
  • We are sorting out regattas for the season and will be communicating that info to the team for signups shortly.
That’s it for now.  Please feel free to contact me, Leslie or the captains with any questions…I look forward to seeing you all soon!
PS — Please email me and let me know if you’d like to be removed from this list serve.
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