Rowing Safety Resources

Provided by the United States Geological Survey:
Willamette River Flow (cfs), Gauge Height (feet), Speed (feet per sec), and Temperature

Provided by the US National Weather Service:
Willamette River Gauge Height Predictions

Station L River Rules

  • Darkness

    • When rowing in pre-dawn darkness, shells must be lit on both ends. A lit coaching launch must be supervising.
    • Darkness is defined as more than 30 minutes prior to sunrise. After sunset, the same rules apply. Boats may not be on the water more than 30 minutes after sunset.
  • Fog

    • No rowing in dense fog conditions.
    • Dense fog is when the Tilikum Bridge is not visible from the launching dock.
    • If on the water when fog develops, return to the dock along the shoreline.
  • Lightning

    • Do not launch during a lightning storm
    • If on the water when lightning starts, return to the dock immediately or take cover on shore!
  • Water Conditions

    • Rowers should NOT launch in the following situations without coach approval:
      • Visible whitecaps
      • Current speed above 3.0 fps
      • Flow above 100k CFS
      • Excessive debris flow
  • Single (1x) Safety

    • The club singles may NOT be rowed without a coach present under the following conditions:
      • Water Temp under 10C or 50F
      • Stream Discharge over 50,000 cubic feet per second
      • Speed over 2.5 fps