Should I Row Today?

Willamette River Flow (cfs), Gauge Height (feet), Speed (feet per sec).
and Temperature.  Provided by the US Geological Survey.

Or this link.

Willamette River Gauge Height Predictions.  Provided by the US National Weather Service

Station L River Rules

  • Darkness

    • When rowing in pre-dawn darkness, shells must be lit on both ends. A lit coaching launch must be supervising.
    • Darkness is defined as more than 30 minutes prior to sunrise. After sunset, the same rules apply. Boats may not be on the water more than 30 minutes after sunset.
  • Fog

    • No rowing in dense fog conditions.
    • Dense fog is when the Tillicum Bridge is not visible from the launching dock.
    • If on the water when fog develops, return to the dock along the shoreline.
  • Lightning

    • Do not launch during a lightning storm
    • If on the water when lightning starts, return to the dock immediately or take cover on shore!
  • Water Conditions

    • Rowers should NOT launch in the following situations without coach approval:


      • Visible whitecaps
      • Current speed above 3.0 fps
      • Flow above 100k CFS
      • Excessive debris flow
  • Single (1x) Safety

    • The club singles may NOT be rowed without a coach pres
      ent under the following conditions:


      • Water Temp under 10C or 50F
      • Stream Discharge over 50,000 cubic feet per second
      • Speed over 2.5 fps