Station L Rowing Club Membership Options

All members need to become members of US Rowing. See this page for detail of the US Rowing membership options & required swim declaration.

Payment Options

For new members joining mid-year the best option is to purchase one of the monthly subscription memberships. A yearly prorated option is also available. All membership last until Feb 28th and include winter training and rowing sessions. Last monthly membership payment occurs in December. Payment can be made:

  1.   In full, via check or credit card by February 28
  2.   In full or monthly payments, via iCrew Registration Page.

Membership Options

Regular Membership

Regular membership allows for 24/7 boathouse access and coaching in the club’s programs, sweep and sculling. One can choose to participate in one program or both programs. All rowers can sign up for open rowing if they are a capable sculler (coach approval).

2024 rates:

  • One Program– $1,300 (full year), $130 (monthly)
  • Two Programs – $1,685, $168 (monthly)
27 & under / 65+ Membership

Same as regular membership, but at a discount. Ages 65+ (based on rowing age) or 27 & under (based on rowing age).

2024 rates:

  • One Program – $975 (full year), $98 (monthly)
  • Two Program – $1,265 (full year), $127 (monthly)
Weekend Two Day Membership

Access to Saturday, Sunday, holiday and social programs. Plus access to 2 open rowing sessions a week. Yearly commitment (single payment).

2024 rate:

  • 2 day – $872
Weekend One Day Membership

Access to Saturday or Sunday, holiday and social programs. Plus access to 1 open rowing session a week. Yearly commitment (single payment).

2024 rate:

  • 1 day – $436
Monthly Short Term / Summer College Rowers Membership

This option is available for Learn To Row grads or college rowers interested in rowing during the summer months. This is a non-extendable, 2 month membership. Rowers who want to continue after the short term membership ends, are invited to purchase the regular membership (monthly or yearly prorated payment options).

2024 rate:

  • $250
Social Member

Get Station L membership announcement and attend social events

2024 rate:

  • $25