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Station L Rowing Club 2017 Dues + Policies

Regular Membership—regular membership allows for 24/7 boathouse access and coaching in one of the club’s programs, either sweep or sculling.

Spouse/Senior/Student Membership—same as regular membership, but at a 30% discount.

Dual Program Fee—for members who participate in both the coached sculling and coached sweep programs, an extra fee will be assessed.   Dual Program fees are not incurred if, for example, coaches on a sweep day put out a sculling boat to balance rower numbers.

Weekend Two Day Membership—Access to Saturday, Sunday, holiday and social programs.

Weekend One Day Membership—Access to Saturday or Sunday, holiday and social programs.

Monthly Short Term Membership—access to all programs for three months or less—for example, college students or summer members.

Payment Options

  1.     In full, via check by March 1.
  2.     In full, via credit card on Station L website by March 1 (service fee added)
  3.      Via monthly payment starting in January. (full-year commitment required)

2017 Membership Rates

Regular                                  $780 ($795 by credit card)

Regular + Dual Program        $995 ($1015 by credit card)

Spouse/Senior/Student          $550 ($562 by credit card)

Sp/Sen/St. + Dual Program   $765 ($780 by credit card)

Weekend                               $430 ($440 by credit card)

Saturday                                $215 ($220 by credit card)

Dual Program Fee                 $215 ($220 by credit card)

Monthly Short Term(< 4 mo)  $125/month

Monthly Payment Option for Annual Membership via Credit Card

January-December commitment required, CC transaction fees included

Regular                                  $67/month

Regular + Dual Program        $85/month

Spouse/Senior/Student          $47/month

Sp/Senior/St. + Dual Program $65/month

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