Preparing for Class

Welcome to Station L Rowing – we’re so excited to introduce you to this wonderful sport of rowing!

Before your first day:
  • Take a few minutes to get familiar with iCrew.
  • Be sure to complete the forms on iCrew before the first day! These would include Swimming waiver and USRowing membership (should have been done in order to sign up).
  • Take time to watch the USRowing Safety video. It can be found here.
  • Be on the lookout for a welcome email from your coach – usually sent few days before class starts.
What to expect on your first day:

Location: we will be meeting at the Boatyard (315 SE Ivon St, Portland). It might be a bit hard to find for the first time – here are some additional details if you get lost: the boatyard is located on the corner of SE 4th Ave and Ivon St just 0.4 miles south of OMSI. SE 4th merges into the Springwater Corridor Trail for bikes and runners. Just before the trail begins you will spot a right turn leading to a fenced area – that’s the entrance to the boatyard (you will be able to see boat racks through the fence).

Parking: there should be street parking available nearby at all times of the day.

What to expect: first day will be an orientation to the program, the equipment and the rowing machines (Ergs). We will take a tour of the boatyard, get introduced to the equipment, review rowing terminology and history, and most importantly, begin to learn proper body position and rowing technique on the rowing machines! Going from there we will transition to the water, going step by step through the rowing stroke and getting you comfortable with getting out on the water. As we get further into the class, we will introduce drills that will further challenge and expand your ability to properly row!

What to wear: the first day will be 50/50 outdoor/indoor, and we will be using the rowing machines at the club. Wear comfortable gym clothes and take a look at the weather forecast before you leave the house. Going forward, You will want to wear form fitting clothing. Anything loose will get stuck in the tracks and underneath the wheels on the seat in the boat. For example, running shorts are great, however basketball shorts would not be a wise choice. If you have spandex shorts, this is what most rowers wear when they go out on the water, so feel free to wear them. Bright colors or anything Hi-vis is great for being seen by other boaters on the water and your coach. A bright hat is always appreciated.

Take a look at the weather forecast before each session, and if it is raining, please dress for the conditions. There may be fast water conditions, wind or lightening that prevents us from rowing but a light rain will not. Be sure to check your email before coming to the boatyard! We will make-up any canceled classes. It is also a good idea to have a change of clothes in your car in the unlikely event of taking a short swim 🙂

All LTR students will be required to wear a life jacket (that we will provide).

If you have any questions before the first day, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your coach!