US Rowing Waiver & Swimming Declaration

Everyone who rows with Station L (including Learn to Row attendees) must sign a Declaration of Swimming Ability and have at least a Basic USRowing Membership. If you have questions about this process, please contact us.


Before your first day on the water with us, you must complete and submit a swimming ability declaration. Please note that actually taking the test is not required — this is simply an affirmation of your ability to perform the given tasks.

You can either download, print and present the form to your coach on your first day, or you can sign and submit digitally.

Declaration of Swimming Ability

Digitally submit your form here


There are two steps that Learn to Row students, guest rowers and ALL Members need to complete on the USRowing website: Purchasing a membership and signing the waiver.

USRowing has a three-tier membership system:

Basic Membership, $15/year.  This is required for ALL Station L members and Learn to Row class participants.  It is also required for most of the regattas we attend.

Basic Membership + Regatta Add-on package. ($40.25 additional).  This is required to compete at Masters Regionals and Masters Nationals.  There are discounts for athletes under the age of 27.

Championship Membership ($65/year).  Added member benefits.  See the USRowing website for details.  There are discounts for athletes under the age of 27.

To set up your US Rowing membership and submit your waiver, go to the USRowing Website

Instructions for the USRowing Website:

  • On the left under “Individuals”, select “Join”
    • If you have had a membership in the past and just need to renew, select “Members” and then “Renew/Upgrade”
  • Fill out your personal information
    • For “Club or Team Name” begin typing “Station L Rowing Club” and you should see our club pop up.
  • You will be prompted for a code
    • Our club code is ETSZL
    • Click “Submit”
  • Select the Basic Membership (or your desired USRowing membership type)
    • Click “Submit”
  • Fill out the remaining information to complete your profile and make your payment
  • After creating a new membership you should be prompted to submit your USRowing waiver. If you do not see this option or are completing the waiver at a later time, return to the USRowing Website and under “Individuals” select “Members” and then select “Sign Waiver”