New Volunteer Opportunities


Lots of volunteer opportunities coming up.

There is one coxing opening on June 17th (Level 2) and one opening on June 19th (Level 1) during the current session of LTR.

June 17th link

June 19th link


Next session starting 6/26 – LTR volunteer links 

Level 1 MW

Level 1 TTH

Level 2 MWSat

Level 2 TTHSat


Gas Procurer

Boathouse Housekeeping



Email me with questions – Terry [email protected]

More regatta sign ups, summer calendar items

It’s like we’ve been transported from icky winter to early summer in just a few days. . .   Lots going on right now, so read carefully.

Cascadia Masters Regatta, July 15-16 in Vancouver BC.   Scull emphasis, but also sweep events.  Sign up deadline is May 15–early this year because registration opens early.   On our sign up page

Future Regattas–Row for the Cure, Vancouver Lake, July 29.   Green Lake Summer Regatta, Seattle, August 5.  Sign ups will be in early June.

Sculling Picnic, Vancouver Lake, WA. Sunday June 4. 7am-2pm.  Scull. Eat. Practice flip tests.  Repeat. Sign up here

Local Scrimmage at Vancouver Lake, Saturday June 3.  7am-noon  This plan will be confirmed later in the week–a chance for us to practice on the Vancouver Lake course against other local clubs.  Sign up to come. Save the date!

June 3–National Learn to Row Day.   We offer a free Learn to Row class on June 3 from 10-noon at the boathouse.  Invite your friends and family so they can see what all the fuss is about.  No sign up required.

Regionals Sign Up Deadline Sunday!

•Be sure to get signed up for our largest regatta of the year–Regionals at Vancouver Lake June 23-25.  Deadline for signing up is Sunday.  Read about the details here.   Use our regatta sign up page

•Good luck to our crews at Opening Day this Saturday.  Men’s 50+ 8+ and Women’s 40+ 8+.  Race time is 10:30.  Look for results here .  Plus Facebook posts from the race site.   Saturday and Sunday club rowing schedule is normal.

•Our first 2017 batch of Level 2 Learn to Row class members have graduated!  Some will be joining us this Saturday at 7am.   Please welcome them!

Volunteer Credit Form

Volunteer Credit Form

The link below will take you to a form where you can record volunteer hours for volunteering other than Learn to Row, Gas Person or Boathousekeeping.

Learn to Row, Gas Person or Boathousekeeping are recorded via Sign-up Genius.



[email protected]

Cox Clinic April 30, Regionals Sign up

Two important items for everyone

  1. Cox clinic tomorrow, Sunday, 8am.   This clinic is designed for rowers who end up coxing (all of us!), and for those who want to gain confidence in the cox seat.  As part of the clinic, we will take turns practicing dock landings.    Duration of the clinic depends on the number of participants–but plan on a couple of hours.  Check in with coaches Ralf and Kass when you get to the boathouse.  FREE.
  2. Regionals regatta sign up.  June 23-25.  This is our largest regatta of the year.  It’s local, on Vancouver lake.   USRowing Championship membership is required ($65–just get it before race day).  The entry fees for the regatta itself are also steeper than other races–just FYI.  Our goal is to get every member 2-3 events.  Dual members 4 events.   This might change, as the schedule and format of the regatta have not been published–there may be an increase to the prior year 4 event limit.   Sign up DEADLINE is May 6.  So you’ve got just one week to sign up.  Use our Regatta sign up page.


Covered Bridge Regatta Report

From flat water to whitecaps, downpours to sun breaks, we had it all at Dexter Lake this past weekend.   Thanks to everyone for pitching in.

We showed great club depth with multiple entries in all of the 4x, 4+, and 8+ boat events.

Notable finishes:

1st place
Women’s 4x
Men’s 4x (with Jim subbing for Arthur)
Women’s Novice 4+ (by 23 seconds–horizon job!)
Men’s 4+ (fastest on water time of 16 men’s 4+’s)

2nd place
Women’s 8+ (A boat–2nd fastest on water time of 17 women’s 8+’s)
Mixed 4x
Men’s Novice 4+
Women’s 4+

3rd place
Men’s 8+ (with Kim C. in for Arthur!)
Women’s 8+ (B boat)
Men’s 4x
Mixed 8+

Honorable Mention:
•All coxswains.
•Women’s 2x’s for racing into 25 mph headwind w/whitecaps.

Full Results

Weekend Update

Busy times as racing season is here.

Dexter Boat Loading, Friday morning at 5:15am.  All racers.

Pay Dexter race fees, please, at this link

Open Row Saturday will happen as scheduled, at 7am.  No Sunday coached row this weekend.

•We have a new Open Row, Monday evenings at 5:30pm  Kass is coaching!  Sweep or scull, depending on your preference and how many we have.

Coachless Rowing–with the river above 50 degrees, rowing without a launch is allowed, during daylight hours only.   Sweep boats need an experienced member (2+ years rower/cox).  Scullers must have passed the L3 2x/4x captains test or the L4 1x captains test.  At this point, 1x scullers still need to row with a buddy.  That rule will be lifted once the river gets closer to 60 degrees.

Cox Clinic–For rowers who want hands on experience in docking an 8+ and learning the nuances of steering and safety.  Sunday April 30.  8am.  We will take turns practicing landings and steering on the river.  FREE.

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