Thanksgiving Week info

Just a reminder about our Turkey Week schedule at Station L–

•Thanksgiving Day row, 7am.  Note that the parking lot is not available to Station L on weekdays, including Thanksgiving.

•Saturday and Sunday rowing continues, 7am

•Significant rain is expected this week–if the river rises and debris flow increases, rowing could be cancelled.   This is difficult to predict the day before, so any cancellations won’t be announced ahead of time.

•The Concept2 Holiday challenge begins Thanksgiving Day.  Groups are meeting both Thursday and Friday to kick it off with a 1/2 marathon.  Be sure you have an online logbook at the Concept2 site, and “affiliate” yourself with Station L.

•Last call for reimbursements from the club treasury for 2017.  If you have expenses (launch gas, etc.), please forward your receipts to Donna ASAP.  If you have questions, please let Peter or Donna know.

Fall roundup

What a party!   If you couldn’t attend the 2017 Buoy Ball, you missed a great event.   Congratulations to all the award winners, including Penny Luong, who was awarded the Wespi Service Award.

Best wishes to (now former) Head Womens’ Sweep Coach Reba Knickerbocker, who is off to her new position on the east coast.

Here’s a grab bag of announcements–

  1. Thanksgiving morning row, 7am.  Be there!    (and pencil in the New Years Row, 7am)
  2. All Saturday/Sunday rowing begins at 7am, weather permitting.
  3. Please pay all outstanding fees from regattas, events, etc.  We need our fiscal house in order before the end of the month.  Even the cancelled Head of the Lake requires a fee  🙁
  4. Erg schedule-    MWF 5:30-7am, RCRC bay, STL women have priority.   T/TH am STL Bay, STL men have priority.  PSU ergs on MWF mornings in STL bay.  There is often room for people to erg on non-priority days, but you need to defer to the scheduled group.
  5. Afternoon ergs–RCRC uses our ergs M-F from 4:15-6:15pm.  They will leave ONE or TWO ergs for STL use, but those are first come, first served.   And you have to be near stinky teen-agers.
  6. Get ready for the 2017 Concept2 Holiday Challenge, November 24-December 24.  For the past three years, we’ve recorded more meters in this event than any other rowing club on Earth. (yes, that’s correct).   Set a goal, whether it be 100k, 200k, or crazy Arthur-Sarah-Scott (there have been others) 300k.  And log those meters on the C2 site!   More information coming soon.
  7. Annual membership meeting–guaranteed to be less fun than the Buoy Ball.   Sunday January 28, 3pm.  Location TBA
  8. 2018 Calendar is up on the Regatta sign up page.  Not all dates are determined, but take this opportunity to reserve those race weekends on the family calendar.

Important: Modified Schedule this week + Winter schedule


Rowing in the dark is taking a toll on our equipment.  In the past 8 days, we’ve lost 4 skeg/rudder combinations–and we’ve had other collisions with hidden logs that caused boat damage.  The replacement cost of the broken equipment is $500 and counting.

We are cancelling the remaining days of morning rowing this week, with the following exceptions:

Thursday–HOTL 2 women’s 4x’s and HOTL men’s 8+ lineup will practice

Friday–HOTL 2 women’s 8+’s lineups will practice

We apologize for ending weekday rowing 3 days early, but this step should reduce the possibility of additional equipment damage.

Saturday Rowing Schedule–normal open row (sweep priority), meeting at 7am for ALL members.

Sunday Rowing Schedule–No rowing Sunday Nov 5.  Regular Sunday (scull priority) will resume on Sunday Nov 12 at 7am.

Winter Season Erg Workouts–full details will be sent to groups by their coaches, but the general schedule will be as follows–

MWF am–STL Women have priority, in RCRC bay.   PSU priority in STL bay

TTH am–STL Men have priority in STL bay.  No RCRC bay.

M-F Evenings–RCRC has our ergs from 4-6:15pm.  This year, we will reserve TWO ergs for STL members in the afternoons, first come, first served.   STL men erg on Wed evenings, following by pub outing.

PFC final reminders, requests

A couple of quick reminders–

•follow results, find heat sheets, schedule, at RegattaMasterOnline.  If you are on your phone, use their mobile site

•Do you have a wifi hot spot you can loan us?  We ended up one down for tomorrow.  We can reimburse for data/etc.  Please let Peter know.

•The parking lot will be closed.  Allow plenty of time to park and walk in the morning.

PFC Entry Fees, Fall Awards Party, Pics wanted!

  1. Members racing at the Portland Fall Classic need to pay a $30 entry fee.  Pay online at the link  OR via cash in a labeled envelope to the treasurer box in the boathouse, or to your captain in a labeled envelope.  Cash fees at this regatta actually help!
  2. Fall Buoy Ball Awards party Friday November 10.  Buy tix online.
  3. Got rowing pics from 2017?  Upload them so we can show them at the party.  Upload to this link

2017 Season Celebration!

Mark your calendars, grab your dancing shoes, and plan on coming to join your Station L friends and teammates for an evening of celebration to close out the 2017 rowing season.

Date: Friday November 10th

Time: 7:00pm

Location: At the boathouse of course! (Where else?)

Who: You and your guest!

Cost: 25.00

Payment: In advance please! Click Here or use the link under Payments -> Social

We’ll provide the hors d’oeuvres, the music,  and a great time for everyone. You can help by bringing your own beverage of choice and perhaps a bit to share with your rowing family.

This year the theme is aimed at more mingling and less sitting, so we’re doing away with the long tables and moving to tall tables and fabulous nibbles. If you feel the need to sit then you might want to grab a chair or two from your house, but why sit when you can dance?

We’ll see you all at the boathouse!

Moving Part 2

Two hours of work by 20 dedicated members allowed us to move most of our boats over to the boathouse this evening.  The dock will be moved tomorrow.  Wednesday morning rowers will erg and rig (not necessarily in that order).

We need to take one more load (a smaller load).  The good news is that you have ANOTHER chance to help out.  Meet Wednesday at 5:30pm to derig, with loading the trailer to follow by 6pm.   It’s a smaller load, so we should be done by 6:30-6:45pm.

If you haven’t been able to help yet, please see if you can arrange your schedule to help out tomorrow.  Thanks.

Race Around Ross Island 2017

What a great turnout for the annual Race Around Ross Island, celebrating the conclusion of the Learn to Row season and giving some new racers their first head racing experience! We put out a total of 76 people into 11 boats with the Men’s 8+ in the Hawthorne and the Women’s 8+ in the Marquam clocking the fastest times of the day. Congrats to everyone for a great race, and a big thanks to all the coaches for a fun and well-organized event! Photography here courtesy of Glen Baker.


The Moving Back!

Station L will move our boats back to the boathouse this week.  Please read carefully to see how you can help.  We need every available member to help if at all possible.   The task is complicated by the fact that we don’t want to work in the dark at the temporary location.

Tuesday 5am–Regular Rowing session, temporary location

Tuesday 6:30am-7:30am.  De rigging at temporary location.

Tuesday 5-7pm–Load trailer at temporary location, make 2 trips to boathouse, unload (this session has the biggest need)

Wednesday 5am  Rigging and organization party at the boathouse.

Our dock will be moved back either late Tuesday or on Wednesday.  We don’t know for sure yet.

If the dock is moved on Tuesday, we could try to rig some boats Tuesday evening so that Wednesday morning rowing can happen.  Then the remaining re-rigging can happen at 6:30am Wednesday, after rowing.

Please contact Peter with any questions.



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