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Cascadia 2019 recap

Who’s [in] first?

Problem: there’s not enough perspective in one person to tell you the tales of the rowers (35) and coaches (2) for a three-or-four-day trip to Canada. Instead of holding forth, I’ll let the numbers speak.

  • Of five mixed C 2x entries, four made finals (18 boats in heats)
  • Four mixed 4x entries
  • Six first-time 1x racers
  • Many first sculling races for folks, and/or sitting different seats
  • Medal count: 15 gold, 18 silver, 9 bronze
  • Boat count: we brought 22 and it wasn’t enough (borrowed an 8+)

…or, to quote the announcer bloody hell… Station L! Well done, y’all.

(Tallies h/t Brad – if you like boats+sunrise shots, get thee to his Instagram.)