Cascadia Day 2 Overview

Weeds & Thunder
Cascadia Medals

There were many races decided by whether your boat or oars collected weeds.  Good shallow blade practice.  As the day went on the head winds kept getting stronger. The winds seemed to blow stronger for some tired legs than others.  Late afternoon we started seeing thunder in the distance which turned from threatening the races to full-on evacuation mode with a few races still on the course.

If you like playing with data go here and see how we did overall, and how our mixed sculling boats won the weekend.

Many good stories for these races.

RESULTS: Cascadia-Masters-Championships-2016-Results-ManyRaces-60 Races–2

Day 2 wrap-up —

  • Singles
    • Celia made the final by winning her heat and was 1/2 sec out of 3rd in the final
    • Penny got 2nd13716155_10210463464961983_2835962130458090784_n 13659194_10210463469962108_2091887934529732002_n
    • Geoff made the final in his novice 1x race
    • Arthur and Glen came 1 & 2 in their race
    • Jared got 3rd, Travis race in the heat and would have made the final in the other heat.
  • Quads
    • The women’s quad had a solid 2nd place finish
    • The mixed quad tried to pull a bunch of weeds down the course
    • The mens quad got a nice row in the water watching the lightening and having their race cancelled
  • Doubles
    • The Mixed C doubles race was the most exciting of the day.  Station L had 3 boats in the race and all three were in the final.  The Arthur/K Bott boat was 2nd, the Evan/Lori boat was 3rd and as Kim & Scott like to say they were 2nd at 350 meters in.  It was a very competitive and fun race.13709815_10210463461881906_1119350299334317092_n
    • Scott/Arthur won their race, Geoff/Glen made the final.
    • KBott/Dorothy made their final
    • Penny/George were awarded 2nd based on their heat, since the final was cancelled.  Since they sprinted in at a 24 for that race, we’re thinking they could have won13692644_10210463470002109_1057603117239326436_n
    • Celia/Dorothy were a 1/2 second out of 1st in the lightweight double (aka don’t mess with the little old ladies race)
    • George/Evan got 2nd in one of the fastest races of the day
    • KBott/Flemming won the vegetation prize and moved a huge pile of weeds down the course

Thanks Mark for letting me steal your photos for the website13754284_10210463460841880_5185148489921491652_n

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