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Covered Bridge Regatta Report

From flat water to whitecaps, downpours to sun breaks, we had it all at Dexter Lake this past weekend.   Thanks to everyone for pitching in.

We showed great club depth with multiple entries in all of the 4x, 4+, and 8+ boat events.

Notable finishes:

1st place
Women’s 4x
Men’s 4x (with Jim subbing for Arthur)
Women’s Novice 4+ (by 23 seconds–horizon job!)
Men’s 4+ (fastest on water time of 16 men’s 4+’s)

2nd place
Women’s 8+ (A boat–2nd fastest on water time of 17 women’s 8+’s)
Mixed 4x
Men’s Novice 4+
Women’s 4+

3rd place
Men’s 8+ (with Kim C. in for Arthur!)
Women’s 8+ (B boat)
Men’s 4x
Mixed 8+

Honorable Mention:
•All coxswains.
•Women’s 2x’s for racing into 25 mph headwind w/whitecaps.

Full Results