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Member Update–Events, Schedules (and Parking. . . )

Hello Members:

For those impacted by the academic calendar, good luck this week and next!   Several announcements follow below:

Labor Day Weekend–regular schedule, EXCEPT, Monday’s row is a 7am Open Row, for all members.

Fall Work Party, September 9, 9:30am-noon.  Meet at boathouse for work there, and on boats in the temporary location.

Race Around Ross Island and Class Grad Brunch.  October 7, 7am at Boathouse.  ALL class graduates from 2017 are welcome.  No sign up necessary.  We will row an informal race around Ross Island, with estimated times announced and enthusiastic cheers for everyone.  Plus a potluck brunch after the “racing”

Fall Race signups now open.  The Head of the Dog deadline is Aug 28!!

PARKING at temporary location–it seems that some members are parking in bike lanes or in the private parking spots of local businesses.   Note that there are only 6 legal spots right in front of the fence–other legal street parking is at least a block or two away.   We don’t want to be bad neighbors to the businesses–nor to we want to you to get towed!!