February Club Update

As we enter the last month of the rowing “off-season”, there’s still plenty of news to share:

•Learn to Row registration kicked off yesterday, and in the first few hours 14 new rowers signed up for spring classes!

•Kristin Bott, our club registrar and membership coordinator, could use an assistant and understudy.  The position is paid, modestly.  For a job description (hint-emails) and/or to express interest, contact Peter.   We would like to have someone on board by March 1.

•Our 2017 club calender and event sign up page is a good one to bookmark.  You’ll see all the club events for the year listed, with sign up deadlines (if any).  Specific event pages are created as we get closer to each event.   You can also sign up to serve on club committees–see the committee tab.

Upcoming February events include CyBERG, a Feb. 12 XC ski outing, and the Feb. 26 Rowers Triathlon.

Learn to Scull classes for members are available.  Several sessions have already been scheduled.  Check the bottom of the Sculling page for the schedule.  We will open registration on March 1.

Dues payments–if you plan to pay your annual dues by the month, time has just about run out to get started on that (it’s already February).  Contact Scott right away to get this set up, or to update your 2016 monthly payment for the new year.    Lump sum payments (check or online) must be received by March 1 to keep your membership current.

USRowing waivers.  These must be signed each year.  Things are a bit more confusing now, as each Station L member must be either a USRowing Championship Member($65/year) OR a Basic Member ($7.75/year).  These memberships must be renewed whenever they expire each year.   There is an “auto-renew” feature, so you may want to consider that option when you renew this year.

Even with a current USRowing membership, the 2017 calendar year USRowing waiver MUST be signed to row. Instructions here.  Please complete this ASAP.

Annual Meeting Review

At the annual meeting Sunday, over 50 club members ate their pizza, drank beer and sat patiently through a presentation of some positive club financial news.   Even better, they gave a standing ovation to founding member Andy Rocchia, who shared a couple of stories from his time with the club in the early 1970’s.

We welcome members to sign up for committees on the following topics (go to our regatta sign up page to put your name in)

•Regatta Administration

•Boathouse Future (Fundraising, Site Selection)

•Club Historian/Archivist

•Willamette River Marathon Logistics Committee (August 11-13)

•Boat Naming

If you have any other questions about topics from the annual meeting, or for a copy of the presentation, contact Peter.

Vote now for the 2017 Station L Board

UPDATE: Deirdre O’Brien has asked to withdraw her name. We will be contacting those who voted for her and asking them to choose another candidate.

We are pleased to announce the opening of Board Elections. There are two board seats up for election this year, and we’ve been blessed to have five members stand for election.

All members in good standing can vote on the election page.  There you can read the candidates statements and vote at the bottom of the page. (You will be asked to login.)

If you have questions for the candidates, bring them to the Annual Meeting tomorrow at 3pm.

Voting will end at Noon on February 4th and results will be announced shortly thereafter.

If you have any questions about the voting process, or problems voting, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or at the meeting tomorrow.

Darrell Fuhriman, Club Secretary

Annual Meeting Reminder Sunday 3pm


Please join us for the annual meeting of Station L Rowing Club, Sunday January 29 at 3pm at the Lucky Lab Multnomah Village location in SW Portland.

In addition to thrilling presentations on club finances, we will be announcing some exciting changes to our coaching staff and discussing the future of our boathouse.

Pizza and salad provided.  No-host bar.

Board election ballots will be made available electronically before the meeting, and voting will be open for about a week. All candidates will have statements listed with the balloting materials.  Most candidates will be at the meeting, and will be introduced.  No speeches.  If you paid dues in 2016 or 2017 you are eligible to vote.

If any member has a projector, I’m still looking for one for the meeting.

A couple of members have asked me informally if we need any more loans for new equipment.  I’ve forgotten who this was.  If this is you, please chat w me by the end of the weekend.

Regards,  Peter

January Update–skiing, meetings, erg racing!

It’s Portland held hostage Day 7.

A few important announcements–

XC Ski Outing–Our attempt at organizing a XC ski trip to Teacup Lake has had numerous false starts.   Our last announcement was that we had moved the date to Jan. 22 due to weather.  Jan. 22 is their big ski race at Teacup.  Kind of like swimming at Vancouver Lake during Regionals.  So, the NEW date is Feb. 12.   Sign up on regatta sign up sheet

Annual Membership Meeting, January 29, 3pm Lucky Lab Pub, Multnomah Village.  Join us for pizza, salad, beer and all the excitement you can expect from an annual membership meeting.  Including Board elections, financial reports and special announcements about 2017.

Erg Racing in a public setting.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  The 2nd annual CybERG 2k erg race is Sunday Feb. 5 at the University of Portland.  $15.  Women’s masters are racing from 7-8am.  Men’s masters from 8-9am.   Let your captain know if you want to race.  Deadline Jan. 31.

Tax Receipts–For those who donated to the club in 2016, thank you!  Donation receipts will be sent to you in the coming days.  If you don’t need one, just let Peter know.

River Conditions–The upcoming melt and rainstorm may result in unfavorable river conditions.  We will only cancel weekend rowing the night before if we KNOW the conditions will be bad.  Otherwise the coaches will assess in the morning.

Weekend rowing cancelled

With low temperatures forecast for 18 on Saturday and 23 on Sunday, there is no coached rowing this weekend.  Let’s hope that the melt doesn’t blow the river out on future weekends.



Ski Outing update, how to renew/join info

Hello everyone:

Just a couple of quick items.

  1.  XC ski outing for this Sunday is on at Teacup Lake.  It will be a busy day at Teacup, as they are having an open house, featuring free lessons at 11am (not a bad deal if you are interested).  But given our 7:30am meeting time at the boathouse, we should be there by about 9-9:15 and out on the trails before most crowds arrive.  The weather forecast is good, at the moment.  For those who don’t want to deal with a busy trail system this Sunday, several of us are also going on Jan. 22, so you could choose to go in two weeks instead.  Or do both!   Sign up on the club calendar/race sign up page
  2. Membership Dues–see the note posted to our website and emailed out last week for all the details.  The most important item is that those people on the monthly payment system for their annual dues need to delete their current membership and join again to account for the 2.5% dues increase (or if they are adding the dual program fee).   This is because we can’t unilaterally increase your payment from our end–reassuring, we hope.  If you leave it alone you’ll keep paying each month, but we will have to follow up with each person to take care of the missing $$.
  3. We were able to row on December 31 and January 1.  Hope to see you soon.

2017 Membership Renewal

It is time to renew your membership. Please do the following …

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Update your information on this page
    NOTE: Having accurate contact information, emergency contacts, rowing related information assist the coaching and admin staff throughout the year.
    1. In the upper-right you may see a Payment link.  Click on that to cancel your current membership.
  4. FOR ALL PEOPLE WANTING 2017 Membership
    1. Go to the Link for Membership Renewal and choose your desired membership type.

Station L Rowing Club 2017 Dues + Policies

Regular Membership—regular membership allows for 24/7 boathouse access and coaching in one of the club’s programs, either sweep or sculling.

Spouse/Senior/Student Membership—same as regular membership, but at a 30% discount.

Dual Program Fee (use either link above for access to Dual Program membership) —for members who participate in both the coached sculling and coached sweep programs, an extra fee will be assessed.   Dual Program fees are not incurred if, for example, coaches on a sweep day put out a sculling boat to balance rower numbers.

Weekend Membership—Access to Saturday, Sunday, holiday and social programs.

One Day Weekend Membership—Access to Saturday, holiday and social programs.

Monthly Short Term Membership—access to all programs for three months or less—for example, college students or summer members.

Payment Options

  1.     In full, via check by March 1.
  2.     In full, via credit card on Station L website by March 1 (service fee added)
  3.      Via monthly payment starting in January. (full-year commitment required)

2017 Membership Rates

Regular                                  $780 ($795 by credit card)

Regular + Dual Program                     $995 ($1015 by credit card)

Spouse/Senior/Student          $550 ($562 by credit card)

Sp/Sen/St. + Dual Program    $765 ($780 by credit card)

Weekend                                   $430 ($440 by credit card)

Saturday                                   $215 ($220 by credit card)

Dual Program Fee                    $215 ($220 by credit card)

Monthly Short Term(< 4 mo.)    $125/m

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