Operations Suspended

Station L will remain closed while the governor’s executive order 20-12 “Stay at home” is still in force.

All Learn to Row registrants have been issued refunds. A new LTR course schedule is up on our LTR page, for classes scheduled to start in July.

Members and friends:
As difficult as it is to write this, we know it’s more difficult to receive.  Effective immediately, Station L is suspending all operations.

The Board has been following all of the recent developments and strongly believes that taking this step is in the best interest of our members, their families and most importantly, our community.

All club operations are shut.  There will be no independent rowing or erg workouts.  

Please take care of yourselves and your families during this time.  Take lots of walks outside.  Find and follow the best information available.   And know that this is only temporary.

We know that many of you enjoy some of your best friendships through your association with the club.  This period of isolation will be difficult, but it’s like training–if we hit it hard and do it right, the benefits should be tangible.

If there are new developments regarding a potential new boathouse, we will keep you informed.

We will re-assess our suspension based on guidance from federal, state and local authorities .   

Peter Edwards Program Director
Jim Barrett Board Chair

2020 Annual Meeting

Another chance to Win the Party


January 26 at 3pm


Lucky Lab Multnomah Village location.


We have plenty of exciting news to share about 2020, including the possibility of indoor boat storage!

Happy Rowing Birthday

New Year’s Day Row

Join us on January 1st @ 7:00am for our annual New Years Day row.

This is an open row and will include both sweep and sculling.

Since we all get 1 year older according to US Rowing, it is also a time to celebrate those extra handicap seconds.

Renewal Time

Be aware today you may receive an email saying your membership has ended.  This is true, all memberships end on 12/31/2019. Please wait until 1/1/2020 to purchase your new membership.

  • Renewal deadline for all members is January 31.
    • Please renew by that date to avoid a lapse in your membership.
  • Full year payments can be made at any time after January 1 on the website or via check.
    • Checks save us 2.5% in processing fees!
    • Mail checks to
      • PO Box 14171, Portland, OR 97293
    • OR drop in treasurer box in the office at the clubhouse
  • 12 Month Dues Contract members
  • Don’t plan on renewing
  1. Regular Membership
    • One Program Membership  $1026/year
      • $86/month if paid over a 12 month contract
    • Dual Program Membership $1387/year
      • $116/Month if paid over a 12 month contract
  2. 27- and 65+ Membership
    • 27- and 65+ Regular $770
      • $65/month if paid over a 12 month contract
    • 27- and 65+ Dual $1040
      • $87/month if paid over a 12 month contract
  3. Weekend Membership
    1. One day weekend $350/year
    2. Two day weekend $700/year
  4. Month to month membership
    1. Dual Program $175/month and includes access to both sweep and sculling.
    • Consider this if you are not going to be in town all year.

Portland Fall Classic – 2019

Sunrise over Vancouver Lake

Sunday was crisp and clear, with a striking sunrise greeting rowers as they rigged boats in the chilly pre-dawn. In partnership with Rose City Rowing Club, we hosted 23 clubs with a total of 197 entries (and hundreds of rowers) on Vancouver Lake for a starboard-heavy 5k in gorgeous fall sunshine.

Thanks to all who made this event possible, including many volunteers, officials, the Portland Vancouver Rowing Association, and the many crews who joined us.

Full results are available on Regatta Central.

update: You can find event photos at row2k : flight1 | flight2 | flight3

New day, new town…

Looking upstream from the new site (photo credit: Brad Crawford)

We are out of the former Portland Boathouse and currently in the process of settling into our new clubhouse on SE Caruthers and the new boat site on SE Ivon.

Check your email for details from coaches on dryland practice, plans for rigging, and additional volunteer opportunities in relation to the move. Questions, ask your captain/s or ping the registrars.

Thanks to all the people who the move this weekend possible, hardworking rowers from Station L and Rose City RC, as well as coaches from both clubs and our friends and neighbors from Wasabi Paddling Club and the Willamette Riverkeeper.

Cascadia 2019 recap

Who’s [in] first?

Problem: there’s not enough perspective in one person to tell you the tales of the rowers (35) and coaches (2) for a three-or-four-day trip to Canada. Instead of holding forth, I’ll let the numbers speak.

  • Of five mixed C 2x entries, four made finals (18 boats in heats)
  • Four mixed 4x entries
  • Six first-time 1x racers
  • Many first sculling races for folks, and/or sitting different seats
  • Medal count: 15 gold, 18 silver, 9 bronze
  • Boat count: we brought 22 and it wasn’t enough (borrowed an 8+)

…or, to quote the announcer bloody hell… Station L! Well done, y’all.

(Tallies h/t Brad – if you like boats+sunrise shots, get thee to his Instagram.)

Canada-bound! (Cascadia 2019)

so this is from the 2017 Canada Summer Games; who knows what the buoys will looks like this year… [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

A passel of Station L rowers (along with a trailer of boats, an awkward of oars, and a pair of coaches) will head to BC on Friday for two days of racing for this year’s Cascadia Masters Championships.

You can track regatta results at HereNow; racers, pack your passports and pay your regatta fees (see Peter’s email for total).

Since we will be minus equipment and staff, we have an adjusted schedule for the weekend:


  • Trailer loading; no men’s sculling


  • 6:30am womens club+competitive sweep
  • 7:00 am mens sweep (all) + novice sweep


  • all scullers 7am; equipment may be limited


  • no novice sweep practice
  • no sculling practice

National Learn to Row Day

We would like to invite friends and family of members to participate in National Learn to Row Day, where they can join us on the Willamette River and receive a free introduction to rowing for fun and fitness. This event is part of US Rowing’s National Learn to Row Day, which takes place annually on the first Saturday in June.

Where: Portland Boathouse – 1515 SE Water Ave, Bay #2
When: 10am-12 noon, Saturday, June 1st
Who: Open to the public; minors must have a parent/guardian present to sign a waiver.
Registration: None required
Cost: Free!
Gear: Wear comfortable athletic-type clothing, layers recommended.
Questions? Contact the Station L Registrar by replying to this email.
Learn more about Station L at stationlrowingclub.com

Learn to Scull – Registration Open

Attention Station L members: if learning how to scull is still on your to-do list, now is the time to cross it off!

Registration is now open for two sessions running May 15 – June 12 and June 26 – July 24. Each session consists of five Wednesday morning classes.

Open to current Station L members with at least one year of sweep experience.

If you have questions, give us a holler at classes@stationlrowingclub.com.