Race Around Ross Island Results + American Lake tomorrow

Thanks to our in-house official, Deirdre, for keeping time from the tip of the island, we have results from this morning’s race. (Note: what no-one else saw: her brave fording of the Willamette to go from launch to officiating perch – well done!).

  1. Relentless (8+) – 18:45 (2 min penalty for cutting the buoy = 20:45)
  2. Undiné (2x) – 21:13
  3. Sparkle Pony (4x) – 21:33
  4. Heavy Metal (4x) – 23:36
  5. Tilikum (8+) – 23:36
  6. Blind Faith (8+) – 30:45
  7. Marquam (8+) – 34:45
  8. Townsend (8+) – 38:44
  9. Johnson (8+) – 47:25 (5 min credit for Jim’s drill = 42:25)

Congrats to all crews for hard work on the water this a.m., and best of luck to all who will race at American Lake tomorrow!

Announcement from Coach Sarah

Hey everyone,

Before the murmurs get too loud, I would like to publicly share that I will be stepping down from coaching and also leaving the city at the end of the month. As some of you know, I was never really a city gal and only meant to stay in the area for a few months…which ended up turning into two and a half years! I’ve gotten an offer for a full-time job up near Bellingham and it is time for me to say farewell and head to a smaller town and get health insurance again. 

Thank you so much to all of you for making this team a family and for letting me be a part of it. I feel incredibly lucky to spend every day surrounded by so many strong, smart, talented, kind, and funny people and I am so glad y’all made a convincing argument to stay in one place for as long as I did. (This has officially become my longest team affiliation by over a year!) Expect to see me at many a regatta in that big blue jacket of mine, don’t forget to consider me for composite crews at Cascadia, and, of course, make sure someone makes y’all row feet-out now and again.

I feel like there are more words to be said about how much this team has meant and always will mean to me, but I have to hope the hours spent together will speak for me. I am deeply grateful for and immeasurably proud of everything we have done as a team in the past couple of years.

Thank you.

Love always,Sarah
P.s. Obviously I will be back in town for the Buoy Ball, so make sure you’re ready to party!

RFTC Cancelled, Alternate event Sunday, American Lake registration extended

Due to continued poor water conditions at Vancouver Lake, the 2018 Row for the Cure has been cancelled.   To celebrate 25 years of RFTC, Station L is hosting a scrimmage on Sunday October 7 at 7:30am.   All Station L members and rowers who planned to attend RFTC are welcome.  Meet at the Station L boathouse for a friendly scrimmage on the Portland Fall Classic course, followed by brunch.  More info later this week.  No sign up needed.

Station L will re-open our sign up for the American Lake Fall Classic until Wednesday evening, in case any members want to add that regatta.  We will submit additional entries by the end of the week.  The American Lake regatta is in Tacoma on October 14, with racing at 9am, 11am and 1pm.  Sign up on our Event page

No Sunday Sculling, scull schedule

Due to 40+ club scullers at the Head of the Dog and 23 boats out of the boathouse, there’s no sculling practice tomorrow.

With increasing darkness, those scullers practicing without a launch must do so during daylight hours only.    And, for the month of October, weekday morning coached scullers need to have passed the requisite 4x/2x or 1x captains test, as the darkness makes rowing more dangerous.  Questions, contact Peter or Penny.

Tuesday River Plan Meeting update, change

We’ve gained some additional insight into the City’s River Plan meeting on Tuesday September 25.  It will NOT include time for public comment, and the workshop environment is more suited to a limited number of Station L attendees.  STL Board members will attend, along with some Portland Boathouse officials.   We’ll report back to the membership any and all information gleaned from the session.

Bottom line, we don’t need the Blue Army this time after all.    Any member who really wants to attend should coordinate with Terry New.

Important Public Meeting, plus picnic row details

The City is holding several meetings about their “River Plan”.  On Tuesday Sept. 25 from 6-8pm, there is a session for river users like us.  We urge club members to attend and give feedback about the needs of the rowing and human powered watercraft community.   Link with more details.

•The Station L Board is working with the Portland Boathouse Board on relocation issues.  We’ll have an update to share with members in a couple of weeks.

“What is the picnic row?”   It’s Saturday September 22.  We will meet at 7am in the 4th bay of the boathouse.   Once organized, we row to Lake Oswego at a variable pace. (could take 1.5+ hours).  We will take the boats out of the water at George Rogers Park for a break, some food and perhaps a silly land based game. (A vehicle will meet us with slings/food).  The row back will be at full pressure (JK).  Expect to arrive back at the boathouse around noon.   Anyone with greater ambitions can row farther upstream and shorten their break.

The picnic row sign up is open through Monday evening.   The event is free for members. Tara will send a note to participants with additional information, including a potluck food sign up.

Swing Shift ends for 2018–sign up reminders

7am swing shift rowing on T/TH mornings has ended for the year.  We will pick it back up in 2019, with a schedule TBD.   Thanks to coach Sarah and everyone who participated.

Friday Sept. 14 is the sign up deadline for Row for the Cure and the American Lake Fall Classic.  Sign up if you would like to participate.   And remember the picnic row on Sept. 22.

Sign up deadlines, weekend events

Several regatta sign up deadlines are approaching fast.  Sign up on our event page

Sept 7 midnight deadline–Head of the Dog, Head of the Lake
Sept 14. midnight deadline–Row for the Cure, American Lake fall Classic.
October 1–Portland Fall Classic

Work party, tomorrow, Saturday, 930-1130.  It’s a modest work party, cleaning, boat and oar work.  Even an hour will help us out.

Picnic Row, September 22.  Sign up now open.  Row to Lake Oswego, or all the way to Oregon City.  It’s  free event for members.

Race Round Ross is Saturday October 13–a fun event for members and all 2018 class grads.  More info to come.

Remembering Karen Wespi

Long time club supporter Karen Wespi passed away last week.  Karen’s husband George has been a member of Station L for 14 years.

Many of you followed the course of Karen’s illness closely and helped the family with work parties, visits, thoughts and prayers. George asked us to thank everyone for all they have done over the past two years.

A memorial service announcement is coming soon.

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