Sculling at Station L – Overview


Sculling at Station L is divided into three groups: competitive, club, and development — in addition to a Learn to Scull class (open to current Station L members who have been rowing sweep for at least a year). Rowers work with our coaching staff to identify which squad best fits their current level of rowing and their interest in competition.

Our sculling fleet includes five 4x’s, six 2x’s, and seven 1x’s.

Current Winter Rowing Schedule:

Quad at the Start

NW Regionals Quad Start

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 5:30-7am: Erging, all groups – the Glass Lab (350 SE Mill Street)
Wednesday 6:45-8pm: Erging, all groups – the Glass Lab (350 SE Mill Street)
Sundays: Sculling, all levels – 7-9:15am (403 Caruthers St)

Additional sculling questions?

Contact our registrars, who serve as communication liaisons with coaches (incl head coach Brad Crawford) and program coordinator Penny Luong.

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