Contact Head Sculling Coach: Brad Crawford

Sculling Coach: Sam Taylor

Level 4 Sculling

M and W May 1-September 15, 5:00am-7:00am
Appropriate for advanced scullers who are committed to racing.  Coach: Sam Taylor
Pre-requisite: Pass the Captain’s Test in a 1x.

Level 3 Sculling
Friday 5:00am-6:45am, Sunday 6:30-8:30am (7am when dark)    Coach: Brad Crawford
Designed to develop additional skill and fitness. The 1x captain’s test will be administered as part of the Level 3 curriculum. Level 3 scullers may choose to race.
Pre-requisite: Pass the 4x/2x Captain’s Test.

Level 2 Sculling
Open to club members only. Designed for our members as an introduction to sculling for the experienced sweep rower. The curriculum includes the basics of boat handling, safety, river navigation and sculling technique. Members may take this class multiple times until they have the skills necessary to pass the 2x/4x Captain’s Test.
Level 2 sculling is a 4 lesson course.

The 2nd session is OPEN, details here.
Pre-requisite: Graduate Level 2 sweep and/or 1 year of sweep rowing experience.

Membership sign-up is here.

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