In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our schedule and format for our rowing programs has changed. For the foreseeable future, all members are rowing in single sculls.
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Sculling at Station L – Overview


Sculling at Station L is divided into three groups: competitive, club, and development — in addition to a Learn to Scull class (open to current Station L members who have been rowing sweep for at least a year). Rowers work with our coaching staff to identify which squad best fits their current level of rowing and their interest in competition.

Our sculling fleet includes five 4x’s, six 2x’s, and seven 1x’s.

Competitive Sculling

  • Required: Skills to capably scull in any seat in any boat (1x/2x/4x), approval of coaching staff, and desire to push oneself
  • Focus on efficiency of stroke and racing fitness
  • Mandatory erg pieces (1+ a season, to show as an example of fitness)
  • Expected fitness level: 5 heart pumping workouts a week (on your own and within practice)
  • Attendance regularity is highly desired but not mandatory
  • Race goals: medals at Regionals/HOTL and/or higher level racing (Nationals, HOCR…)
  • Strive and support entire sculling squad culture and goals

Club Sculling

  • Required: Skills to capably scull in any seat in a team boat (2x/4x), knowledge of basic rowing drills, basic fitness to participate in practices
  • Focus will be on fitness and skill refinement through drills and pieces
  • Encouraged but not mandatory: regular attendance, erg pieces, and rowing a 1x
  • Invited to race at regional regattas such as NW Regionals, Cascadia, Fall Classic, and Head of the Lake.
  • Strive and support entire sculling squad culture and goals
Regatta Racing

Regatta Racing

Sculling Development

Graduates of the Learn to Scull Classes are invited here to begin regular member sculling practices.

  • Required: graduate from learn to scull class(es)
  • Focus will be on skill acquirement through drills and steady state rowing
  • Boat handling and river navigation will be covered (turning, backing, steering)
  • Goal: to increase proficiency at ALL seats in the team boats (2x/4x)
  • Invited to race at local regattas such as Portland Fall Classic and Green Lake Summer Extravaganza
  • Strive and support entire sculling squad culture and goals

Learn to Scull Class

This class is open to current Station L members who have at least one year of sweep rowing experience.  There is a fee for the class that is outside of regular club membership.

  • Five lesson course designed as an introduction to sculling for the experienced sweep rower.
  • Curriculum includes the basics of boat handling, safety, river navigation and sculling technique.

Additional sculling questions?

Contact our registrars, who serve as communication liaisons with coaches (incl head coach Brad Crawford) and program coordinator Penny Luong.