Station L Values and Expectations

Dear Station L Community,

On behalf of the Station L Board, I wanted to share our club’s newly adopted Values and Expectations. We adopted these values and expectations as a way to orient new members to our Station L culture and encourage all of us to “bring our best selves” to the club on and off the water.

US Rowing’s SafeSport policy encourages US rowing clubs to have defined expectations re: conduct and values. Our work group (Travis Hall, Kristin Bott, Sydney Ey, and Kris Henning) reviewed other rowing organizations’ websites, consulted with Station L Board members and team captains, and decided to draft wording about what we are aspiring to be rather than rules about what not to do. The Board approved and adopted these values and expectations on 8/8/16 and have added it to our membership policies page and will be added to an orientation handbook for new rowers.

If you have questions or comments, we encourage you to talk with Board members, your coaches or captains.

Warm regards,

Sydney Ey

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Membership Policies Page

Station L Rowing Club Safe Sport

Values and Expectations

Welcoming and Inclusive

Station L members work to make our club welcoming to all individuals interested in learning, competing or improving their rowing skills. Station L provides access to rowing, coaching and community engagement regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or age of masters’ rower.


Club members and staff promote the exchange and receipt of constructive feedback in the effort to improve rowing skills and fitness.

Shared Responsibility

Station L members contribute to the effective functioning of the club and help the club achieve its mission by doing at least 10 hours annually of required volunteering as outlined in the club’s operating rules, by paying dues/fees in a timely manner, and by helping to maintain the equipment and boathouse.


Station L expects all members and staff to engage in respectful interactions with other club members, staff, guests, the Portland waterfront community, and the broader rowing/boating world. This includes personal  interactions/conversations, social media postings, and interactions through other venues.

Updated: 2016/11/22 — 1:13 pm